Thursday, June 14, 2012

.:Harper–Seven Months:.

It’s hard to believe that another month has passed already! We are just smitten with little Harpie!


Harper is still just such a good baby. I know I always say that, but I just have to keep saying it because it’s true! She is generally pretty happy, and can keep herself entertained for periods of time. Which really comes in handy when you’ve got a couple of other kiddos who need help, too!


Still no teeth for the Harpster. I think they might be moving up and down, teasing her – and us – about when they are going to come in. She still is constantly gnawing on things, which is just what babies do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they came in soon. She’s had some pretty grumpy days because of teething pains, so I’ll be glad when those things finally make an appearance!


Within the last week or two, Harper’s spitting has gotten sooooooo much better. It still happens, but not nearly as often, or as bad as it used to be. This is a welcome relief for me! She was going through some tummy/constipation issues for awhile there; I had to start giving her prune juice every day, but things seem okay for now. Apparently she was following in Remi’s footsteps with the bowel troubles! Hopefully we can keep it under control. Constipated babies are sad.


Harper’s development has really taken off in the past week. All of the sudden she started getting up slightly on her knees, and in less than a week is now getting up on her knees and rocking. Today she even ‘jumped’ her knees forward a tiny bit, trying to get to a toy. I’m sure she’ll be crawling in the next few weeks. She is just so busy and so curious; I think she wants to be in the middle of whatever her sisters are doing! She’ll be happier when she’s able to get around better.


Harper is loving eating! She eats baby food fine, but appears to be more interested in whatever we are eating. She’s had small tastes of lots of different kinds of foods. She’s learning how to hold a mum mum or a graham cracker, which is nice so I don’t have to sit and feed her little bites at a time.


Harper is still taking her binky! She is not super attached to it or anything, but I can usually get her to take it when she needs to. It’s nice to have that soother!


Sleeping is still going well! I’ve been continuing to feed her before I go to bed at nite, which she probably doesn’t need any more. It’s partly selfish because she’s so calm during that feeding, instead of so distracted like she normally is. It’s nice cozy and cuddle time with her! She actually didn’t have that feeding for the first time last nite, and it didn’t seem to affect her at all! So maybe it’s time to drop it. Harper usually takes a shorter nap in the morning, and then a longer nap in the afternoon. Occasionally she’ll need a third nap, but most days it’s just two.


Reece and Remi continue to love on Harper all the time, and I think they will all be the best of friends! We just love our girls so much!

At seven months, Harper likes:

- talking
- shouting
- rolling
- sitting (when she is distracted enough to actually sit still)
- rocking on her knees
- exploring
- playing with toys
- Baby Einstein
- watching Reece and Remi play
- Mom’s singing
- standing
- jumping
- eating
- nursing
- looking around
- being outside
- being tickled
- grabbing things (she has an iron grip when she gets ahold of something!)


At seven months, Harper does not like:

- being in car seat for too long
- going to bed (sometimes)
- being left alone for too long
- getting stuck on her tummy (still happens sometimes!)
- teething
- having to wait for food

Love this beautiful babe!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

.:Dance Recital:.

Reece has participated in a little neighborhood/ward dance co-op for the past year. It really has been perfect for her age and getting her introduced to being involved in activities like this. The cost was free (except for costumes) and the way that everyone ‘paid’ was by donating their time and talents. Just about everyone would take a turn in the nursery, and then there were committees and other jobs. I headed up the costume committee for both performances (I’m certain this is what put me into labor with Harper).

Reece had some of her good little friends in her class with her this second time around, and they recently put on (that’s a loose term!) Sleeping Beauty. Reece’s little class were the Sleeping Beauties and they were absolutely adorable!

Reece is a totally natural born performer. She loves to dance and sing, and loves to have an audience. I’m certain she gets this from the Stewart genes running through her!

Hanging with Mom before her performance. Check out those eyelashes!


Reece and Emerson


Reece with her buddies: Dylan, Dixie, and Emerson. These four will all be in the same grade together, if you can believe it!

With Aunt Em and Grandpa Gary afterwards


With Mom and Dad


Posing by the castle


Reece’s official dance photo

May 24, 2012 036

Reece’s little dance class

May 24, 2012 051