Thursday, July 19, 2012

.:Sleeping Rem:.

Enjoy this progression of pictures of our sweet Rem. The pictures speak for themselves. She is her father’s daughter.










Anytime, anywhere….if Rem-a-lem need to sleep, she’s gonna sleep!

.:Harper–Eight Months:.

Sweet, crazy Harper.

This baby gets more fun the older she gets. And maybe more wild, too!

Look at that smile. How can you not just want to squeeze her?


The biggest news with little Harpie is that she is officially crawling! She held out on us for a long time; I think she rocked on her knees and planked for a good 3-4 weeks. She still gets frustrated because she doesn’t remember that she can crawl and because she isn’t fast yet. But I love to watch her zero in on something and crawl to it. It’s going to be hilarious watching her follow Reece and Remi around. Before she started crawling, Harper figured out how to go from her hands and knees to a sitting position. She’s pretty efficient at that, so she is able now to get around, and then sit and play with whatever she finds!


Still no teeth for the Harpster! She’s been gnawing on her fingers a lot lately, and has had some crabbier moments, so maybe they are coming in. But maybe not! It’s tough to know with babies! I’m loving her gummy little grin, still though!


Harper is still a champ with eating! She loves her baby food (including meat, gross!) but loves to have tastes of what we are eating, too. She does a great job feeding herself mum mums and graham crackers – anything larger like that. She is also starting to get good at picking up smaller pieces of food (like puffs) and feeding herself. Harper loves her food, and hates to be left out of any eating.


Sleeping….yikes. We’ve taken a major nosedive with the sleeping. I don’t know if she’s been growing, teething, or just out of sorts from all the new development she’s been going through – or maybe a combination of them all, but Harper’s sleep has not been great. Before we went on our trip to Oregon, she was starting to wake up at random times in the early morning; sometimes 2ish, or 3ish, or 4ish. All too early for her needing to eat! Then we got to my parent’s house and she slept horribly there. She did slightly better the rest of the time in Oregon, but even since we’ve been back she is still waking at random times during the nite. I’m trying to be better about not feeding her and working to get her back to sleep; it’s hard sometimes because it’s just faster and easier to feed her! Hopefully we can get back on track soon.


Harper loves to talk and squeal, and just be noisy. I think she knows that she’s going to have to be to be heard with two sisters around! She just goes crazy sometimes, it is so funny.


Little Miss H has always been super wiggly. She is always leaning, squirming, reaching, grabbing, and just trying to get to everything so she can get her hands on it. Whenever someone tries to talk to her, she always starts grabbing and touching their face. It’s like her way of saying hi. Even with learning to crawl, I think it took her longer than it should have because she just would start wiggling, planking, and squirming before she could figure out how to just put one hand forward and then one leg. It’s just what makes Harpie, Harpie!


Reece and Remi are still way obsessed with Harper. They love to make her laugh and smile, love to give her toys, and love to play with her.


At eight months, Harper likes:

- nursing (kind of – she is so distracted these days!)
- eating
- smiling
- laughing
- playing
- crawling
- grabbing
- wiggling
- squealing
- shouting
- Baby Einstein
-  standing
- exploring
- Mommy’s singing
- touching faces
- rolling
- being outside


At eight months, Harper does not like:

- being left alone
- when Mommy leaves the room
- being in her car seat
- not being able to crawl fast enough
- going to bed for naps or nite time
- waiting to be fed

Love our sweet girl!

** Just as a sidenote, there are not many pictures of Remi with Harper or of Remi in general – she has a huge aversion to the camera these days and gets super mad when I try to take her picture! Stinker! **

Here is a little video of Harper crawling.