Monday, January 23, 2012

.:Reece's First Haircut:.

Can you believe that Reece was over three years old before she had her first haircut?

Not that she didn't need it before then, but we just didn't do it!

I took her with me one evening when I went to get my hair done. My friend Haley does my hair, and she has a little girl that is close to Reece's age, so it worked out perfectly. Reece played for awhile as I was getting my color put on. While we waited for that to set, Reece got her very first haircut!

She took it so seriously, it was so cute. She sat in the chair very still, and wouldn't even crack a smile for me! She was so good at listening to Haley and following Haley's directions. We took four inches off, and it is still plenty long!

So much healthier now!

We stopped at the gas station on our way to get a little treat; Reece thought it was pretty special to be out alone with Mom! I definitely want to start doing more one on one time with our kiddos.

What a pretty girl!

Monday, January 16, 2012

.:Harper - Two Months:.

Um, can someone explain to me how Miss Harper can be two months already?

This beautiful girl is such a sweet addition to our family. She had her two month appointment last week, and her stats came in at:

Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz (11th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (75th percentile)

So, still our little string bean!

She handled her shots like a champ. The initial pain made her wail, but as soon as I picked her up, she calmed down.

Harper had her first smile when she was around 6 weeks old, but it was only last week that she started really smiling consistently. It might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen! She has a little dimple that is so adorable. It's like she has to work up to her smile; she does a little Elvis-esque sneer before she launches into a full blown smile. I haven't been able to snag a good picture of her smiling yet, but hopefully soon! Harper is also starting to coo and talk a little bit. I'm hoping that really picks up soon. I love little baby conversations!

Harper is still not a fan of baths. I think there has been one bath so far where she didn't cry at all during it, but otherwise, she isn't too impressed. Hopefully that will start to change a little bit soon.

We don't have any sort of schedule established yet for Harper. I think that I'm starting to get lazy with this third baby! She's pretty easy going when we are out and about, which we are a lot. I'm really lucky that she doesn't hate her car seat and sleeps pretty well in it most of the time. Makes it much easier to run errands, and keep the girls having playdates.

Her nites are still really inconsistent. We've had some recently where she's up every hour and half, and then others where she only wakes up once. This past week she seems to be getting into a decent schedule of eating at 11 when I go to bed, getting up once somewhere between 2-4, and then again around 5-6. I usually pull her up into bed with me for that last feeding, and then leave her to sleep in our bed while I go work out. Hopefully we can get that going better soon! Her doctor said we could - and should - start a little bit of sleep training with her to get her falling asleep on her own. We'll see how it goes. I'm not sure I'm ready to venture into that quite yet!

We started Harper on Zantac for her reflux a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be helping some. She does really well taking the nasty medicine, so maybe she understands that it helps her some, too! We also had to do some eye drops for a little bit because she had an eye infection.

Harper has been really alert since she was born. Now that she can see and is focusing better, it is fun to watch her look around and try to make sense of her world. She seems so curious; it's so cute to watch her looking around!

She's just a beautiful, sweet little baby, and I'm so excited to see what the next month has in store for us!

At two months, Harper likes:

- being held
- her binky (mostly)
- car seat
- laying on the changing table
- smiling!
- looking around
- being swaddled (kind of, she is able to bust out frequently, but it calms her down)
- eating

At two months, Harper does not like:

- baths
- being put down for too long
- being left alone for too long
- getting dressed

Love this beautiful gal!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

.:Dang Baby:.

Whenever Harper cries, Reece says, "Mom, Harper is being a dang baby."

I think Miss H may have earned herself a new nickname.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


We had a lovely Christmas here in Utah this year. It has been really fun leading up to it because Reece mostly gets what's going on, and her excitement made it even better! Everything she saw at the store, she would tell me, "Mom, Santa wants to bring me this." She must be tight with Santa!

We started out our festivities in Grantsville at Granny and Grandpa Ken's house. The girls dove right in, helping Auntie Em make some cookies.

We had fun watching Christmas movies and playing dress up while we waited to get things going.

Annie Oakley anyone?

Granny and Grandpa Ken had a pinata for the kids. Basically, Reece swings the bat like a total girl. As Josh said, "We've got a lot of work to do this summer." I just figure it means she's going to be an awesome soccer player, it's way better than baseball anyway! Millie and Ty were champ hitters, and eventually we got all the candy out!

Next it was time for the white elephant gift exchange. We let the kids open all of the gifts, and then drew numbers to choose our gifts. Everyone went home happy, and the kids loved being in charge of the un-wrapping.

We enjoyed a delicious ham dinner (my favorite!) and then it was time for more presents! The kids were in heaven.

This is what Rem did most of the time we were out there; she was not feeling well, and didn't take much part in the festivities.

Harper with cousin Brooks; they are a week apart in age!

Harper with her aunties.

Our attempt at a picture of all the kids in their Christmas jammies.

Rem found her happy pants later in the evening...because of the huge tin of popcorn.

And we capped off the nite with some wrestling with Grandpa Ken.

Christmas morning, we woke up to get to church, and only got to look at the loot Santa had left.

When we told Reece that Santa had come, she said, "But I wanted to talk to him." Yeah. Not quite how it works!

We came home after a lovely sacrament meeting to do our stockings and open presents.

Remi wasn't really getting into it too much; she still wasn't feeling great, and Josh was sick as well. But Reece went to town, opening just about every single present in our house! I think next year I'll just wrap a bunch of empty boxes; she just wanted to un-wrap and un-wrap.

The girls had some fun playing with their new things before we all settled down for a nap.

Later that evening, we headed over to Ryan and Leslie's to have brunch for dinner, spend some time with Grandpa Gary, and deliver gifts to Grandpa Gary.

We had a great Christmas, and were all spoiled rotten! I can't wait for next year with the girls, it just keeps getting more fun!