Monday, June 8, 2015

.:Jabren - Eight Months:.

Eight months. EIGHT. I don't understand!

This baby just continues to be a delight. He is generally SO happy. His smile is the best, and he shares it with everyone freely!

Jabren is so close to crawling! He is constantly going from a sitting position to his knees. He often gets all the way up on his knees from his belly as well. Right now, he usually ends up back on his belly and stretching to reach whatever he is going for. Sometimes he will tripod out a leg and try to push a little bit with his toes. He definitely has the backwards movement down. He is so ready to be on the move, I'm sure it won't be long now! I'm kind of excited for it, but also sad. I'm not ready for him to start thinning out and say goodbye to his chunky dimpled legs!

Exhibit A: Chunky dimpled knee

Exhibit B: Chunky rolly thighs, properly crossed while nursing

Jabren has a couple of tricks now. He likes to cluck his tongue and he 'claps' with his feet. Both are pretty dang cute and I love when he gets going. I'm trying to teach him how to give kisses and to wave. Sometimes he will do it, but a lot of the time he just buries his face into me like he is teasing.

Sleeping is going much better overall! I feed him sometime between 10:45-11:00 every nite, and then for the most part, he doesn't get up until 5:30 or 6:30. I can do that! And even after that feeding, he will go back down for 2-3 more hours. I can tell that I was really needing some more sleep because I feel so much better! Once we get a week or two more down with this new sleeping, then we will work on dropping that 11:00 feeding. He will often take one good nap every day and one not so good nap. It seems like all of our babies end up dropping their morning nap earlier than most babies, so it doesn't really surprise me. Jabes is definitely staying up for longer periods of time and is not so quick to sleep in his car seat anymore.

Still no teeth! Seriously! I don't understand how there are no teeth yet. I'm wondering if he is just going to end up getting a ton all at once or something. It has honestly been months of teething, and so many people comment on how much he is gnawing on things because of his teething, so I know it's not just me thinking it!

Jabes is definitely enjoying food more now. Before he used to get through one third of a jar of baby food at each feeding, but now he will eat a full jar. I also give him bites of everything that I'm eating. He can pick up smaller pieces of food now, but it's more fisting it and he still isn't great at getting it into his mouth. I can't wait until he can do that more. It is going to make feeding times much easier! He will eat pretty much anything! He hasn't showed any distaste for any baby foods so far, and he really really loves graham crackers. Don't blame him!

I feel like Jabes is starting to experience a little bit of separation anxiety. He gets a little upset when I leave him, even if he can still see me! I hope it doesn't develop into more, it was rough when Rem went through that bad!

Jabes is just our cute, happy little guy and we're all still super enamored with him!
At eight months, Jabren likes:
- baths & splashing in the water
- books
- food!
- binky
- being tickled
- being changed
- clapping feet
- clucking tongue
- having face, back, neck tickled
- chewing on anything
- standing in laps
- being held
- rocking on knees
- silly sounds
- squealing and talking
- being sung to
- banging toys together
- seahorse
- covering face
At eight months, Jabren does not like:
- getting legs stuck in crib slats
- being in the car seat or stroller for too long
- being left alone
Everytime I have to switch out his clothes, it is a little bittersweet. I love watching Jabes grow and develop, but it is so hard to keep having our last firsts of everything and know we'll never use the little clothes again. Slow down Jabey man!

Friday, June 5, 2015

.:Kindergarten Grad:.

Reece had such a fun year in kindergarten. She absolutely loved her teacher, Mrs. Bruin, and was always sad when there were breaks from school and didn't get to go. Mrs. Bruin also really loved Reece a lot too; she was always commenting about how helpful Reece was in the classroom, and how she really helped make her first year of teaching kindergarten go more smoothly. She learned tons, and ended the school year a few levels above grade level in reading, though I think math is her favorite!
They always do a fun field day towards the end of school. I volunteered at it, and it was fun to see her class come through my station. (It was also so stinking hot that day!)
Last day of school!
With Mrs. Bruin
Reece made a really fun little group of close buddies at school this year. At the beginning of the year I was a little sad that she wasn't in class with some of the kids she already knew pretty well, but she easily made friends with everyone in her class and really clicked with these cute kids.
On to first grade we go!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

.:Pre-School Grad:.

Remi had such a great year at pre-school this year! She loved Miss Alanna and learned so much! We were treated to a delightful little pre-school graduation program with Remi's classmates. It was so fun to watch them recite poems and sing songs. We really saw Remi come into her own this year!
Last day of pre-school
With Miss Alanna
Pre-School Grad!
One last picture with Mom and Dad
Kindergarten here we come!