Monday, December 29, 2014

.:Jabren - Two Months:.

Two Month Stats

Weight: 12.35 lb (73%)
Height: 23.62 in (80%)

This scrumptious boy turned two months at the beginning of December. How can it be? 

He has really turned into such a content baby. He smiles often, and has this really flirty little expression on his face. It endears me to no end, and I feel like I've been rewarded for something every time he does it! I often catch him just looking at me and smiling, just waiting for me to notice. It's basically the cutest thing ever.

Jabes has gotten better at sleeping at nite. He usually wakes up somewhere around 2ish, but if I pull him into bed, I can pop his binky in and snuggle him back to sleep until somewhere between 3-4. I need to do that but return him to his bed so he can get used to that now! Then he doesn't usually eat again until 6-6:30, and I only top him off on one side so that he will stay asleep while I get up and get the girls ready for the day. Then he will eat again around 8 before we head out for school and exercise classes. It's a pretty good schedule; I just need to get him in his own bed now! 

During the day, he goes anywhere from 2-4 hours between feedings. It usually depends if we are at home or out and about. If he is sleeping in his car seat, he can usually go longer. Sometimes I feel like all I do is nurse him!

Jabren has discovered his hands and LOVES to suck on them. I think he probably prefers them to a binky, though I am really trying to force the binky on him! He takes it okay, better some times than others. 

Jabren's pediatrician checked his tongue and his heart murmur at his two month appointment. Murmur is gone (yay!) and he isn't really worried about his tongue. It's slight, and hasn't gotten in the way of him eating and gaining weight, so I don't think we'll be doing anything about it at this point. I do need to ask at his four month appointment if that is something that is more easily done as a baby, and if we should take any preventative measures with it or not. 

Jabes is starting to find his little voice. And I love it! He is not super vocal yet, but you can tell that he is trying to get that sound out! I can't wait until he is doing it more. Baby coos are my favorite. 

We have discovered that Jabren likes to lay underneath his play mat. The light at the top flashes colors, and he really loves it. Sometimes he can be entertained with a Baby Einstein movie for a short period of time as well. It's nice to have some activities for him to do when I need to get things done!

The girls continue to love on Jabes constantly. They love to rub his head, give him his binky, and make him smile. They are so enamored with him, it is really sweet!

We are about ready to graduate into size 3-6 month clothes. He is getting too long for 0-3 month stuff. Most pants and outfits turn into floods, and the sleeves are too short. He is a healthy guy! Every time we switch sizes, it makes me a little sad. I need to start getting rid of some of his old stuff but I can't bring myself to do it quite yet! 

We love our little Jabey man, and just love watching him grow!

At two months old, Jabren likes:

- being held
- nursing
- playmat
- baby movies 
- binky (sometimes)
- sucking on hands
- being naked
- baths
- getting diaper changed
- smiling!
- talking
- nuzzling his face into pillow, whoever is holding him, etc.

At two months old, Jabren does not like:

- being left alone for too long
- the first few minutes of being swaddled
- being in car seat for too long
- having to wait for his food!

This might be my favorite picture of him!

Passed out.

Snuggly yummy baby.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

.:Harper - Three Years Old:.

Harpie girl is three! 

I cannot believe that another year has passed! Harper is still just as full of sass and spunk, but at the same time, so sweet. Sometimes I can't figure out how it can all exist in her tiny little body!

Three year stats:

Weight: 28.44 lb (30%)
Height: 38.27 in (84%)

With Reece and school every day, and Remi at school two days a week, she has become my little buddy. Overall, she would much rather be at school like her sisters, but I think sometimes she enjoys getting a little time with me mostly to herself. We haven't had much of that! We enjoy going to Target, getting popcorn and drinks, and visiting the toy aisles; she's got it pretty good!

I was a little worried about how Harper would do with Jabren being born; she was the baby for so long! But she has totally surprised me. She is completely in love with her brother, and always wants to kiss him, hold him, love on him - any way she can be around him! It is pretty sweet!

Harper has a great imagination, and keeps right up with her sisters and their play. She and Rem especially love to play with ponies and princesses, and I love listening to their little scenarios play out.

Harper is still hilarious and says the funniest things. She loves to be silly and get a laugh out of everyone. She's such a little character! Harper also loves to sing and dance. She is in quite the Frozen phase again, always singing 'Let it Go'. I am actually pretty impressed with how many words she can remember!

Harper has entered back in to the drawing phase! Argh! I thought we had passed it. Crayon on my bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bedspread, and most recently, her own pillowcase. Along with the usual walls. She's even taken to coloring on our toys now. I haven't figured out the magic trick to getting her to stop it, but hopefully it ends soon!

We just love our little Harpie, and all of the fun personality she brings to our family!

At three years old, Harper likes:

- movies
- ponies
- princesses
- dressing up
- singing
- dancing
- tubs
- coloring!
- lips
- tablets
- treats
- pulling hair
- toys
- being silly

At three years old, Harper does not like:

- time out
- going to bed
- being woken up
- not being able to do what the older girls are doing

Harper started off her birthday with balloons, pink oatmeal, and a couple of presents. We went about our normal day, which of course included a special trip to the gas station for a birthday treat. At the end of the day we went to her favorite place to eat - McDonalds! - with her cousins for some play place fun. It was a great day spent with our birthday girl! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014


We were in Utah for Thanksgiving this year, and spent a lovely day out in Grantsville with Ken and Kerri. Mike, Em, Katelyn, Ryan and their kids were all out there too. The girls always love going out there so they can play with all of Granny's toys, and help her bake. It was a nice relaxing day, and the bonus was that Kerri kept the girls for a sleepover, so Josh and I went home down three kids! Score! 

I was horrible at taking pictures, but I did at least get a couple of the girls helping make rolls and monkey bread.

It was a wonderful day spent with family, and reflecting on the many things we have to be thankful for. So grateful for my little forever family!

.:Reece - LEGO Party:.

For Reece's sixth birthday, she decided she wanted to have a Lego party. Which was lucky for me because Pinterest is bursting with ideas for a Lego themed party. It was so fun to put together!

Decorate a Lego person.

For party favors, I made a Lego coloring book, Lego shaped crayons, and a Lego rice krispie treat.

Lego cupcakes!

Lego candy and juice boxes. 

Reece invited 14 kids, so I split them into two groups. One group worked on decorating their Lego person while the other played pin the head on the Lego guy. Then we switched!

Next, I had all of the kids sit in a circle. We passed around a Lego plate, a box of Legos, and the kids would each roll the dice and add that number of Legos to the creation. 

The finished product!

Then of course, presents!

After present, it was time to eat!

It was a really fun party, and even though it was a ton of kids, they were all super well behaved. I couldn't believe how smoothly everything ran! 

Reece was spoiled rotten, and had a great time with all of her friends!