Sunday, October 20, 2013

.:Sunriver Part One:.

Oh Sunriver. One of the most looked forward to times of the year! The girls are getting older, so Reece and Remi were especially excited to go this year and see their grandparents and cousins!

We kicked off the start of the week with a bike ride down to the mall for drinks and a snack. The kids all loved running around and playing, while the adults sipped and chatted.


That’s a lot of kids!


We spent the rest of the day at our amazing house, chatting, lounging, swimming, playing, and basically whatever our little hearts desired. Yes, Reece’s goggles were totally necessary.


Dani and I went jogging almost every morning we were there, and we had a few wildlife encounters our first couple of days. There were coyotes following us, deer charging us, and lots of gorgeous scenery. My jogs went much faster (and longer!) with a running buddy!



We did our usual hike to Benham Falls, and it was a nice little walk for most of the kids. It's just a flat dirt trail that leads you along a river to these beautiful waterfalls.  Rem seemed to struggle the most, and by the end we were so far behind everyone that Josh had to carry her. But it was a lovely way to spend the morning.


Of course, Rem wouldn’t be in the picture.


Sweetest picture!


Lots of littles!


And Gramzee treated us all to popcorn on more than one occasion while we were there, which of course, was a hit with our popcorn loving family.




That was our first two days of Sunriver. More to come!


Back in August, Reece got to go on a special day date with Mom and Dad to Lagoon! I have to admit, at first I felt a little hesitant about leaving Rem and Harper behind, but in all reality, it was a much better day for everyone! Remi does not love rides, and Harper is so young still, so I think they were perfectly happy to stay at home with their Grandma. And to say Reece was in heaven is an understatement!

We started off in the kids area, and hit quite a few rides right away. Reece was loving every single one!


And she didn’t only love the kids rides; she loved a lot of the adult rides, too! She probably would have gone on more if she was just a little bit taller! Her favorite ride of the entire day was The Bat, but she also loved one of the roller coasters and a dragon ride that spins in circles super fast.


We hit up the water park for awhile, and she was loving just swimming and playing in the water. Of course, Daddy sneaked in a few grown up slides on his own, too! After awhile at the water park, we went back for more rides! We also got suckered in to doing some of the games, and came home with quite the haul of stuffed animals. We didn’t think we were going to stay much longer than about dinner time, but we ended up closing the park down!


It was such a fun day, and we loved having some one on one time with Reece. Can’t wait until we can do that with the other girls, too!

.:Grandpa Paul comes to town:.

Back in August, we got a fun little weekend visit with Grandpa Paul. The girls are always thrilled when they get to have any of their grandparents around, and this was no exception.

We started our weekend off by hitting up the movies for Despicable Me 2. The first one is one of our favorite movies, so we were really excited about this. We stocked up on some goodies from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory before we headed in. The kids had fun climbing on the furniture and fences inside the theater.



Then it was movie time! The girls cuddled right up!



After the movie, we headed to Sam and Nikki’s for dinner and more playing.




On Sunday it was church, and then we all came over to our house to hang, play, and get super messy eating homemade popsicles.





We capped off the nite with stories before we had to say goodbye to Grandpa.


Thanks for visiting Dad!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

.:July in Pictures:.

I am so behind on this blog, so this is going to be the quick re-cap of our July festivities.

July started off with the Fourth of July, which sadly I have very few pictures from. We went to the parade for West Jordan in the morning, and I’m not sure we’ll do that again. It was super hot, and there were too many grown people trying to get the candy off the floats, making it difficult for the girls to enjoy it too much. But we were there with friends at least! We had a BBQ at our friends’ house with a few families in the neighborhood. The kids played in the water, while the adults ate and chatted. And of course, we had fireworks to end the nite! The girls loved the fireworks – mostly – and it is always a lot of fun to spend time with our friends.



Just a couple days after that, the girls got to go to a birthday party for their little friend, Emerson. It was at a local beauty school, and the girls dressed up and got their hair, makeup, and nails done. It was really darling, and our girly girls of course, loved getting pampered! Reece even asked the girl doing her hair if she had hair chalk! So the girls got hair chalk included in their makeovers!





We love our friends!


Couldn’t leave the girls all dolled up with nowhere to go, so they were treated to cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.


We had lots of fun playdates with friends, playing at the splash pads and in our backyard (thanks to Josh for all of his hard work on the backyard!)




We had lots of fun with homemade popsicles this summer!





Ben and Sharon came to town, so we spent a day with them at the movies and splash pad so the cousins could play. The girls always love spending time with their cousins!





The adults enjoyed a kid free evening out.




Reece had her first dental work experience, which resulted in her getting a crown. I’m pretty sure it was safe to say that it was miserable for everyone involved. But she does love her new shiny tooth.


We went to the aquarium after her dentist appointment, and I think that helped us all feel better!




We got a bike trailer and started taking some family bike rides in preparation for Sunriver. Remi wasn’t sure about it at first, but she ended up mostly enjoying it! Harper loved sitting in her seat on my bike.



We enjoyed weekly trips to the dollar movies and the park with our friends.


And a new man made lake went in close by, with a sort of sandy beach. Reece loved it because she could go and actually swim with her life jacket on. Rem and Harper loved digging and playing in the sand.






Daddy had a sleepover in the backyard with Reece and Remi. I’m sure they’ll do that a lot more next summer; they loved it!


Josh and I were even able to enjoy an overnight getaway with our friends – kid free! We went up to Park City, and it was just lovely!



So there’s the condensed version of our July! Lots of fun!