Sunday, June 27, 2010

.:Remi - Three Months:.

It's been another month? Seriously! It's going by so quickly with this little girl, and I can't hardly remember what life was like before she joined our family!

Remi has been struggling a little bit lately. She hasn't been her normal, content happy self. I'm not sure if it's a growth spurt, or the addition of caffeine back into my drinks (I've cut it back out!) but she's just been whiny and wanting to be held all of the time. Not such a bad thing usually, but sometimes difficult when Reece needs me! She's still taking horrible naps, but I expect that she'll grow out of that within the next month or so. That's when Reece did, so I'm hoping!

Regardless of all that, Remi is such a flirt. She loves to smile and laugh, and it is one of the sweetest things in the world to listen to! She's such a beautiful girl. She loves to watch Reece - no matter what Reece is doing, if she's in Remi's line of sight, Remi is smiling up a storm!

She's getting really good at tummy time and holding her head up. And the biggest news is that she can roll from her tummy to her back! She doesn't do it every time she's on her tummy, but she's done it enough times on enough different days for it to not be an accident! She kind of uses her head to propel the rest of her body over - it's so funny!

We just love our little Rem Rem!

At three months, Remi likes:

- smiling
- laughing
- talking/cooing
- yelling
- sucking on her hands
- nursing
- being held
- snuggling
- baths
- binky
- grabbing things
- being sung to

At three months, Remi does not like:

- being alone
- being hungry
- getting in the car seat

Saturday, June 19, 2010

.:Big Girl Bed:.

We made the switch from crib to big girl bed a few weeks ago! Well, for nites at least anyway. Reece has always loved the bed in her room, so we were hoping that would help with the transition. We borrowed a bed rail from my sister and got it set up and ready to go. Honestly, I've been a bit worried about this because Reece is so active and full of energy (like most kids!) and I thought it would be a battle to get her to stay in her room. But for some reason, she has totally understood to stay in her room! At first she would get out and play a lot - which we didn't care about, as long as she was staying in her room. She always made sure she got back to her bed. She loves her bed so much, and loves getting tucked in at nite with her animals. It's so cute! Reece is also really good at staying in her room in the morning. So far, she just plays or reads in bed. I'm always up before she is, so once I hear her start fiddling with the door, I go in and get her. I want her to think that I have to get her out for now. Eventually that will change I'm sure, but for now, I like that she stays in there.

She doesn't often get out of bed and play much anymore, but last nite was an exception.

Look carefully in the picture. One leg is out of her pajama pants. That leg is in some of her bootie bloomers that she got out of her dresser. There are tights on her pillow. A few pairs of shoes surrounding her. A book. And of course, her animals. Looks like she was having a good time! (I love that she has her leg crossed!)

I am thinking this week we may give naps a try. I wanted to wait until she was going to sleep more quickly at nite. If she plays at nite, at least she still has the whole rest of the nite to get some sleep. If she plays during nap, well, then she misses her nap and no one is happy. I'm sure that's how it will be for the first few days, but hopefully she'll transition over easily!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Josh had a nice month long break from school in between semesters, so we decided to make the most of it and headed up to Boise to spend some time with Dani and her family. Sam and Nikki came up partway through the week, and it such a blast to be together. Reece had a great time with her cousins, and still says 'Carter' and 'Andi' all the time.

On the way up, we made a pit stop to see GPSTEW in Logan. He treated Reece to Kitty #2 (the fat one) so she had two kitties to snuggle in the car.

Carter, Andi, and Reece had a great time trying to squeeze into this bag!

We hit up the park one day. Reece enjoyed her juice box, but she enjoyed the swings even more. She threw a major tantrum when I took her out of them!

While we were there, this little lady started crawling! Go Tay!

It was rainy part of the time we were there, so we found this great indoor play place called Rafiki's. There were dress up clothes, slides, climbing, a Wii, air hockey, crafts, name it! Besides getting stuck at the top of the play place (thanks Carter and Andi for helping Reece out!), Reece had a great time playing with all of the toys. She was especially excited to find the Elmo outfit in the dress up clothes. She loves Elmo!

The kids also had lots of fun playing dress up at the house. Reece looked great in these teeth...

and this snazzy pink hat!

Here are our beautiful girls in the ice cream shirts my mom made for them. We'll get one of ALL the girls at Sunriver!

Remi, looking perpetually surprised!

Remi looking like a lady....not.

We also visited Dr. Harmon's chiropractic office and took advantage of the roller tables. I also let Jefferson adjust me for the first time. What was I waiting for??? I've been missing out this entire time!

Moo and Reece enjoying a book together.

We attempted to go to a Saturday's Market, but it was....interesting. There were barely any booths, and it took us about 30 seconds to walk through it. So, instead we went to the candy store and then shopping!

We went for lots of walks while we were there. Reece got her first skinned knees! The kids thought they were pretty cool in their shades!

Reece and Andi on the way home from our Sunday afternoon stroll.

And here are the kids watching a movie. Much to Dani and Jefferson's dismay, we introduced their kids to the Wiggles. One finger, one thumb, one arm...keep moving!

The adults had a great time playing Wii, five crowns, watching Arrested Development and eating lots of junk food into the early morning hours each nite. It was such a great week, and I really could get used to sharing a roof with all of my siblings!

.:Fun in the Sun:.

We've enjoyed some random nice weather here and there, so we've been taking full advantage of it!

A few weeks ago, we decided to hit up the zoo with our friends, the Selins. Both of the guys had the day off from work, so we made it a family outing. Reece and Dawson are great little buddies, and we've got them betrothed to each other already. (Remi is our backup in case something doesn't work out with Reece and Dawson!) We had a great time walking around to see the animals, stopping for lunch, riding the carousel, and riding the train. We ended up buying a year pass, so if anyone ever wants to go to the zoo, let me know!

Looking through the fence at the little creek


What's up?!

Looking at the giraffes

Riding the carousel (we had to ride it twice because Reece flipped out when I took her off of it after the first time - she clawed my neck when I was getting her off her animal!)

Then this week, we went downtown to the Gateway with our friends: Sarah (Dawson and Emerson), Lindy (Ty and Landon), and Paige (Naomi and Luke). We brought lunches and swimsuits, and let the kids have some fun in the fountains while we relaxed. They had a great time! I was surprised that Reece wasn't afraid to go in the water - I thought with it shooting up it might scare her a bit, but she wanted in the second we got there. It was a great time, and something I'm sure we'll be doing more of in the near future!

Is her swimsuit not the cutest thing?

With Dawson and Landon

With Dawson, Landon, and Ty

There's a picture of all the kids in their swimsuits, but I was nursing Remi and didn't get one on my camera. I'll put it up once I get it from someone else!

We're so happy the weather is finally starting to be nice! We can't wait to do more outside.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

.:Two Month Stats:.

So, they are actually almost two and a half month stats, but close enough! I took Remi to the doctor this morning for her two month checkup. She is growing like a champ! She just checked out perfectly. I felt so bad when she had to get her shots - she was sitting there smiling at me right before the nurse stuck the first needle in her little leg. But she recovered quickly!

Weight: 13.03 lbs - 87th percentile
Height: 24.5 in - 96th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.2 in - 91st percentile

We just love our sweet girl and can't believe how fast time is flying with her already!

They don't come much cuter than this!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.:Remi - Two Months:.

Last week Remi hit the two month mark. I really can't believe that she is that old already. It's already going by way too quickly!

Remi has turned into quite the smiler and the talker. The talking just started up this past week while we were visiting my sister in Boise. I guess she realizes that she has to speak up to get heard with all of the other kids around! It really is the sweetest thing, and I am just loving her cute little personality. Remi usually only gets up once during the nite, although she has the occasional weird nite when she gets up twice. I've gotten into the habit of pulling her into bed with me in the mornings to get a little extra sleep in. I know it's not the best habit, but it's going to be hard to break because I really enjoy it! I have been trying really hard to enjoy this little baby, cuddly stage as long as I can, because I didn't with Reece, and it just goes by too quickly! Remi is such a good baby, and we are just loving having our little family of four!

At two months Remi likes:

- eating
- smiling
- being held
- talking
- baths
- binky
- sleeping (but she mostly loves to do this while being held!)
- snuggling in bed
- sucking on her hands

At two months Remi does not like:

- tummy time
- being hungry
- getting in her car seat