Sunday, February 24, 2013

.:Valentine’s Day:.

I think Reece has been looking forward to Valentine’s Day since the second she finished un-wrapping her last Christmas present! She is always on to the next holiday, wondering when it’s coming, and of course, what she’s going to get.

I don’t think she was disappointed in our Valentine’s Day this year. It was a lot of fun with Reece and Remi and their ages. They thought it was super fun to have heart shaped things, get flowers from Daddy, and of course, get some Valentine’s Day goodies!

We started off our day with heart shaped pink pancakes! I had also made some heart shaped strawberry milk cubes that we put in the girls’ milk.




After breakfast, it was time to get ready for the day. Reece was having a Valentine’s party at school as well. Of course, we had to dress up a bit for the occasion, and what better way to do it than with some skirts!




Reece made quite the haul at her pre-school party!


And Remi enjoyed her new goodies from Mom and Dad all day long, too.


We wrapped up our Valentine’s Day by doing the classic activity: decorating sugar cookies.






Holidays are so much more fun with kids!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

.:These Kiddos:.

Nothing too exciting has been going on around here lately, but I thought I should definitely just give some little updates on the girls. They are just growing up so much every day, it is so fun to watch!

Reece is such a good girl. She has some of the best manners of any four year olds I’ve ever met. Most of the time she is super polite and well behaved. She loves school and loves learning. She’s learned how to write her name now, and it is one of my favorite things! I love little kids hand writing! She is always wanting to write out the names of people in our family, and it’s amazing to me that she can do it with me spelling to her. She loves to color and draw, and I just feel like she is learning so fast lately. She likes to know what things start with, and is always trying to figure out beginning sounds. She definitely has plenty of sass at times, and has started to talk back to me a little bit. I am working on not getting sucked in to arguing with her, and trying to teach her how to talk to me and Josh. We're also starting to learn a little bit about honesty. :) She loves playing with her sisters, and is always quick to help with them. Reece loves to sing and dance, and is constantly making up her own songs and dances. She performs into her broom handle frequently. Reece also loves being in pictures, and has started to pose whenever you go to take a picture. I have no idea where she learned the poses, but it is funny. She’s definitely got some Stewart performing genes coursing through her bod! Reece loves going to church, and loves Primary. She and Remi always run to get the Book of Mormons out at bedtime to read. We just love her and are so proud of the girl she is and is becoming!






Remi has turned into such a happy little girl. She still has her moody moments, but she is definitely out growing them. She’s found her voice and speaks in sentences all the time now. If she gets too excited, she’ll revert to babbling, but you can generally understand her most of the time now. It must be so nice for her to finally be heard! Remi adores Reece, and loves to do whatever Reece is doing. It’s going to be a sad day when Reece goes to school all day and Remi can’t go with her. They truly are just the best of friends. Remi loves to color and draw as well, and I’ve even got the crayon marks on my wall to prove it! Remi surprises us with being able to mostly sing her ABC’s, and can do some counting as well. It’s amazing what kids pick up even when you think they aren’t paying attention! You won’t often find Rem without a princess dress or dress up shoes on. She is our shoe girl for sure. Remi also loves to play with Harper. Sometimes they will just be off somewhere on their own, and all you can hear is them giggling. It’s fun to see Remi play more of a big sister role, since I’m more used to seeing her in a little sister role to Reece. We’re gearing up for potty training her and hoping that it goes relatively easy. I can’t believe she is almost three! We just love this sassy little red head!







And little Harpie. We can’t imagine our lives without this funny little baby. Well, I guess she’s not technically a baby anymore, but she’s still the baby of our family. She LOVES pushing things around. She was super dependent on her little walker for a long time, which I think is why it took her awhile to start walking when she probably could have earlier. Once I put that away, she found the strollers, and also likes to push around the little chairs from the table set in the girls’ room. But she is walking on her own now! She just up and decided to start walking this past Sunday at church; I don’t know what clicked, but she’s walking most of the time now around the house. She has her falls, but I think she has pretty good stability for it only being a few days. Reece and Remi get so excited when they see her walking around. It still surprises me when she walks up to me in the kitchen. Harper loves to sing and dance, and shout and yell. She doesn’t have very many words yet, but she’ll get there when she’s ready. Between walking and learning how to go down the stairs, she’s had a whole new world opened up to her! She’s just a happy, easy little girl, and we all adore her to pieces!







We feel so blessed to have these three beautiful, amazing girls in our lives. We sure love them!!!