Saturday, September 27, 2014

.:37 Weeks:.

Full term! Well, kind of I guess. 

Not much to say. Feeling large. My ankles are swollen by about 10:00 a.m. Whenever I get done exercising, it looks like I've worn socks about three sizes too small. My back hurts all the time. My crotch hurts all the time (tmi? It's true, though). I start out most days feeling sort of okay, but by late afternoon, I am waddling and hobbling around like an old lady. It is probably pretty comical to watch, but I am pretty done with it. At my appointment this week, my doctor said I was at a 2-3, which never happens for me; I usually stay at a 1 until I deliver. She said baby is still high though, but I'm pretty sure my parts down there would beg to differ. Even though I am super anxious to get this baby here and meet him, and not be pregnant anymore so I can get some semblance of sleep, I am starting to have little sad feelings about how I'll never be pregnant again. Not enough to make me want to be, but just enough to help me try to enjoy this home stretch and not be too disappointed that he is not coming as early as Harper did. I'm planning to step up my exercising this week and see if we can't force something along. I have contractions all the time, some are just Braxton Hicks, some are more, but nothing quite resembling labor. We'll see what the next week brings! 

Still trying to decide if we'll induce at 39 weeks or not. I love the excitement of going into labor on my own, but we've also never done that with our kids around and having to figure out where they will go (with Harper, they were already with my mother in law). So it would be nice to be able to plan things out as far as our kids go - especially since Kerri works and isn't necessarily going to be immediately available - but we will see. Maybe he'll just surprise us and come before then, and we'll scramble to figure out what to do! Either way, exciting times ahead! 

37 weeks

Sunday, September 21, 2014

.:Gramzee, Grandpa Paul, Ogden Temple, & Wicked:.

We got a fun visit from Gramzee and Grandpa Paul at the beginning of August. We started off our visit with them by going to the Ogden Temple Open House. They have re-done the exterior of the temple, and it is so gorgeous now! The inside was amazing as well, and I love that we had the opportunity to take our kids inside the temple. Reece especially was so interested in what all of the different rooms were. 

Harper and Evie are just the best little buddies, it is too cute.

I really love this forever family of mine! (Also, if you couldn't tell, it was really bright).


After walking through the temple, there was a tent set up with pamphlets, photo backdrops, and this statue. Harper wanted to go look at it, and loved seeing Jesus. She wanted a picture with the statue. I thought it was beyond sweet!

After the open house, we dropped the girls off with their Granny, and went home to prepare to go to Wicked that evening! My parents treated us to a lovely evening out, which included Ruth's Criss, Wicked, and no kids! We had an amazing time, and now I am singing the Wicked songs all of the time. It was my first time seeing it, and I know it won't be the last; it was incredible!

Thanks for coming to visit Mom and Dad!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

.:36 Weeks:.

One month out from my due date! I can't believe it! 

Just another week of feeling sore and huge. I start out every day feeling okay, but by the evening my hips and back hurt so badly, I'm just hobbling around. I've gotten to the point where my feet just swell up around midday, and stay that way for the rest of the day. It doesn't matter how much water I drink or keep my feet up, they are just swollen. Especially my right one. Evenings bring some nausea as well. But even with all of the uncomfortable stuff, I'm trying to still enjoy these last few weeks. I know there will be things I miss about being pregnant, and it's never happening again!

I had a doctor's appointment this week, and she did my Group B strep test. She decided to check me since she was already down there. I'm barely dilated and baby is head down. So, great that he is head down, and I never dilate too much beforehand so that doesn't mean too much to me. I had Harper at 37 weeks and was only a one the day before, so you just never know! 

I've got to get through Reece's birthday and party this week, and then this little guy is welcome to make his appearance at any time! I know my doctor will induce me at 39 weeks if we want to and he hasn't come yet. I'd much prefer to go on my own, and I'd also much prefer for him to come before 39 weeks. But we might do that if not, just because it makes it easier to get someone in to watch our girls, and arrange for rides and schedules and all that fun stuff. 

Exciting times!

36 weeks

Friday, September 19, 2014

.:24th of July:.

Here in Utah, the 24th is a holiday, so we took advantage of Josh having the day off and headed up into the mountains to do some hiking. 

We had never done the hike, so we had no idea how easy or difficult it was. It turned out to be quite the hike - especially for one pregnant lady and three young kids! The girls were rockstars, though! Even though it was steep, and rocky, and tiring, they did really awesome. There were a few tears along the way, but nothing like I would have expected from them. Josh and I took turns carrying Rem and Harp on a couple of the tougher parts (super fun while pregnant) but it was never for very long. I was really proud of them, and it was a gorgeous hike!

On our back down the canyon, we stopped off at a campground to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. It was tasty and fun!

Afterwards it was home for tubs and more fireworks! It was a lovely day spent together as a family!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

.:4th of July:.

We enjoyed a lovely Fourth of July this year. We started out our festivities by heading to Grantsville to watch the parade. It was the perfect parade for our girls; they made out with so much candy! A lady was there taking pictures for the Tooele newspaper, and she kept coming back to take pictures of our girls in their fourth of July skirts. We obviously can't disagree with their great choice in photography subjects. Grandpa Ken, Aunt Kate, and Uncle Ryan were riding in the parade, so Reece hopped on to the side by side they were riding in and finished the parade with them.

After the parade, we spent the rest of our afternoon playing outside in the pool and with the water table. The girls always love going to Granny's house, and it was nice to spend a relaxing day out there.

We went home in the evening, and had Grandpa Gary, Uncle Mike and Aunt Em over to bbq and do fireworks. 

Reece and Rem LOVED watching the fireworks!

Harper did not love them, and put herself to sleep. (This is also when her sleeping problems started, so I think this may have been the cause).

So grateful to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms that we do! It was a lovely day spent with family!

.:Maternity Pictures:.

Last week I had Nikki (Your Vantage Photography) take some maternity photos for me. I just wanted them to be simple and classy, and hopefully timeless. We just did them in my bedroom, and I think she got it perfectly! I love them, and can't wait to do some in the same setting with our new baby!