Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.:Nice hair:.

Must have been a good nap...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

.:Ten Months:.

We're in the double digits! Ten months seems awfully close to turning one! I don't know where this past year has gone - time is flying by so quickly! I think I have said this the past few months, but Reece is just SO much fun right now! She is so curious and into EVERYTHING. She 'talks' and babbles all of the time, and I feel like she's really trying to have a real conversation. Reece crawls all over the place, and is so content to explore our house. She loves standing up to things, and has gotten to the point where she either uses only one hand to hold on, or leans her thighs up against whatever she's leaning up to so she has her hands free. We even got her to stand for 10 seconds all by herself! I know it doesn't necessarily mean she'll be walking anytime soon, but the interest is definitely there. She is always trying to be on her feet! I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

At ten months, Reece loves:

- talking
- making silly sounds
- imitating sounds
- crawling
- crinkling her nose
- clapping
- standing
- smiling
- laughing
- blowing raspberries
- making kissing sounds
- clicking her tongue (sometimes - for sure the past few days!)
- reading books
- eating....whatever is in front of her! This girl will eat anything!
- going for walks
- baths
- mom's jewelry
- keys
- playing with toys: animals that make sounds, ball popper, rubber bracelet, rattle
- swimming
- kicking her legs
- 'sitting' on her knees
- buckles (car seat and stroller)
- watching the fish
- watching candles
- being naked
- being tickled
- giving kisses
- pointing
- sucking on her fingers (still teething!)

At ten months Reece doesn't like:

- getting her face wiped off
- getting her nose wiped
- holding still to get diaper changed and get dressed

See, Diet Coke is good for many reasons!
In the pool with cousin Millie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We were sitting in sacrament meeting in my parent's ward back home in Oregon. Reece was standing on the bench, facing backwards, playing with the people sitting behind us. This is what we heard their little boy say:

"Mommy....that baby has elf ears."
Yeah, I guess he's right. :) We about died laughing!

I love my little elf baby!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.:Sunriver 2009:.

Every July, my family takes an annual trip to Sunriver, Oregon. My dad always has meetings there in the summer, so we take advantage and turned it into our traditional yearly trip! It is always fun to be able to get together with everyone, and now that there are grandkids, let them have fun together. I miss living closer to most of my family, so I just cherish this time with them!

Sunriver is such a fun little town. It is just outside of Bend. It has a little village with little shops (and the sweatshirt store that we always get a $13 sweatshirt from each year!), bike paths all over the place, multiple golf courses, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and a river you can float down. You can rent houses or condos, or stay at the lodge. This year my parents rented a FANTASTIC house that fit all 17 people! Each family had their own room and private bathroom, a nice dining room table, living room, and family room complete with a pool table, big screen tv, and foosball table. (I am not really sure if that is how to spell foosball???) We had such a great time, and can't thank my parents enough for everything that they put into it to give our family time to spend together!

Here are some pictures from our trip. Just to warn you, there's going to be a lot - I've got 254 pictures to choose from!

Reece on a walk
Carter and Andi on a walk
Gray and Cal on a walk (love Cal's face - he does that for pictures all the time!)
All of the cousins loved being around Reece. They were so sweet to her! Gray and Carter playing with Reece!
Carter and Gray in their bike carrier
Andi and Cal in their bike carrier (I couldn't get Cal to look up - probably because the helmet was too heavy!)
Reece in her carrier. We rented a single for her and strapped her car seat in. We weren't sure if she was stable enough to stay upright with turns and things on her own.
The traditional card making. My sister Dani used to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator, so she always has cute cards for us gals to make! My mom, Sharon, Nikki, and Dani!
Gotta love that curl right after bath time!
More cousin time: Carter and Andi with Reece
We went on what we thought was supposed to be a .5 mile walk. Turned out we started in the wrong spot, and ended up on a nice hike. Reece was a trooper in the heat and during nap time, my parents were awesome to help push her and help carry her towards the end, and we were sure glad to have the jogging stroller!

Mommy and Reece
Sam and Nikki
Grandma Z and PSTEW
Reece and Grandpa
On Wednesday evenings, Sunriver has this event called Rhythm on the Range. They bring in bands and have them play out on the golf course. There are vendors selling things, food vendors, and most people bring their own food and have a picnic. We love going every year.
Reece and mommy
Playing with Grandma Z
Andi and Reece both climbing Grandma Z
Let's see if I can fit the whole golf ball in my mouth. (She was close.)
The next day we headed to do the .5 mile walk to Benham Falls with everyone else. This is what we got to see when we got there.
While we were there, we decided to have a surprise baby shower for Dani. She is due in August to a little girl. My mom sneakily got her out of the house while the rest of us got things ready. We timed it for nap time and it was perfect! She was totally surprised, and got some fun things for baby girl. Josh even won the name game!
Dani and I with our goblets of something cool and refreshing.
The gals: Mom, Dani, Me, Alli, Nikki, and Sharon
We were also able to make it over to the pool a couple of times. Reece LOVED the kiddie pool. She could sit on the step and 'drink' the water (as you see in the picture) but she also loved standing on the step as well. It was just perfect for her!

No trip to Sunriver is complete without a trip to Goody's, for ice cream. Reece enjoyed sharing Grandma Z's chocolate almond ice cream!
Give me more!
Just like a little birdie!
Reece's first time on the swings!
Swinging with Andi
Just hanging out!
All of us gals usually get crafty when we are at Sunriver. This was the first year we made frames.
We also did glitter toes....twice!
Sam and Nikki have their own photography business, so we were lucky to have them take some family pictures for us. Here is a shot of Grandma Z, PSTEW, and all the grandkiddies.
On Saturday, we got to head back down to my parent's house before we made the trek back to Utah on Sunday. We pretty much went straight into the pool when we got home. Their pool has a beachfront entrance, so you can just walk in to the pool. Reece loves dogs, so we were able to get Chaska and Moki to wade in a bit for her. Here she is with Chaska.
Water baby!
Get that hat off of me!
My mom made matching mumu's for her, Reece, and Andi. We totally spaced getting a picture of all three of them together in Sunriver (we're planning to do it in August, Dani, when Reece and I come up!) but we were able to get a few shots of my mom and Reece together.
This picture is so cute! I just love how cute she looks standing up to things. This was also about 30 seconds before she fell in between the two foot stools, smacking her face on the wood edge, and getting her first bloody nose. Poor baby!
This is the breathtaking view from my parent's deck. It never gets old!

And the car ride home. Reece was SO GOOD on the way home, but of course, towards the end was getting pretty tired of being in the car. So, Mom will do anything to keep her happy and this is the result. (It worked!)

So, a wonderful week! We had so much fun, and feel so grateful to my parents for providing it for us, and grateful to be able to spend so much fun time together. Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

.:High Centered:.

So Reece was playing with her toy basket the other day. She just loves to stand up to EVERYTHING these days, so the toy basket was no exception. I had tipped it on its side so that the toys would spill out a little for her. She had her hands on the side of the basket and was rocking a little bit. Well, of course, she rocked a little too hard and the basket went back to right side up! She was stuck high centered in the basket! I'm a nice mom, so I left her unhappily in the basket, to grab the camera. Can't miss a photo op!