Wednesday, February 26, 2014

.:Christmastime Is Here:.

I absolutely love Christmas. The sounds, the smells, the happiness, the giving – everything about it is just so wonderful! And of course, our girls love it, too.

We love celebrating with our friends all month long, and we started off with our good buddies Luke and Logan. We decorated sugar cookies, with is a Christmas staple of course!


And then we exchanged gifts. We sure love Luke and Logan! Our kids just all get along really well, it makes it so easy to get together!


We had another little Christmas celebration with all of our little girlfriends, too. Gift exchanging happened again!


We sure love this little group of gals – we’ve been so lucky to have so many fun little friends over the years.


And then – you guessed it – sugar cookies! You can never have too many, especially around the holidays.




Remi had a pre-school Christmas party with her little joy school buddies. Sadly, most of them were sick that day, but luckily Harper got to tag along to bring the numbers up. We had fun building a snowman, decorating cookies, and doing a gift exchange.




Reece’s pre-school did a little show for the parents, and sang some songs for us. It was pretty cute! I can't get the video to upload, but take my word for it - darling!

We also did some sledding. Reece and Harper loved it. Remi did not. Sounds about right!




Reece and Rem also enjoyed playing in the snow in the backyard. And I enjoyed having a fence so I could stay warmly inside!




And lastly, we enjoyed going to church in our Christmas dresses. The girls looked totally adorable in their coordinating dresses from Gramzee and Grandpa Paul!


Gotta get some posing in there!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

.:Thanksgiving & Gramzee and Grandpa Paul Come to Visit:.

Instead of traveling to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year, we were treated to Gramzee and Grandpa Paul coming to visit. The girls were absolutely thrilled to have their grandparents here, and we had the best time with them. There was lots of story reading.


We of course spent lots of time with Sam, Nikki, Jay and Evie. These cousins sure love each other!


Did I mention story reading?


Snuggling, too.


Aaaaand more stories.



Thanksgiving was a lazy day. We made food, ate it, hung around, and drove around to look at Christmas lights.



The next day, Gramzee and Grandpa Paul treated us to what might be one of the very best things ever to happen to our girls: seeing Frozen in the theater! (Seriously, our girls are soooooo obsessed. Still.)


At the end of the movie, Grandpa surprised the kids with their own little plush Olafs! They were thrilled!

Then that evening, the kids were treated again: they got to have Christmas early so that Gramzee and Grandpa Paul could be there when they opened their gifts. First up: Christmas jammies! That’s a cute looking bunch!


The kids were all totally spoiled. It was so much fun for them!







All in all, an amazing week! We love it when Gramzee and Grandpa Paul come to visit!

.:Harper & Brooks Turn Two:.

Harper and her cousin Brooks are about a week apart in age, so we decided to have a little family party to celebrate!


We had a great time eating, playing games, and opening presents of course!








.:Harper’s Two!:.

I can’t believe this little lady is two now! Seriously, the past year has FLOWN. I feel like she just barely turned one! We had such a fun day with her, she was totally into it. We had pizza for dinner, and then opened presents.



Her Amazon box from Gramzee and Grandpa Paul came in the evening, and the girls enjoyed playing on it before we broke into it.




The balloons around the house were also a hit! Harpie pile!


Then we ended the evening with some dessert pizza. Yum!


And did some scowling as well.


Happy Birthday Harpie!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

.:Harper–TWO Years Old:.

Little Harpie turned two back in November. Say what? I can’t believe how fast another year went by.

This little lady is full of personality and sass.


Seriously, she can throw a mean tantrum. Harper is the first of my girls to get upset over what clothes I choose for her, or what shoes I choose for her. Harper definitely has opinions on things, and she lets you know about them!


Harpie is little miss independent. She wants to do everything on her own, and just how Reece and Remi are doing it. She hates to be in a shopping cart or anything like that. It is so hard for her to understand that she is younger and littler than her sisters.


Harper is also hilarious. She says and does the funniest things, that often have Josh and I laughing hard. One of our favorite things to make her do is scowl. It turns into a whole head thing, instead of just her eyes. Her favorite game right now is to call us by someone else’s name on purpose. And then she expects you to do the same back to her. She loves to dress up and pretend with her sisters, and is starting to sing songs with them as well. I’m amazed sometimes at what she picks up and can remember!


Harper really likes to dance, too. She will sometimes dance along at my Zumba classes, and gets right in the middle of the dancing that goes on at our house. Along with that, she loves to do stretches with me. Her favorite is to do a quad stretch, and will hold my hand and lift her leg off the ground. It might be the cutest thing ever.


This little one is also naughty. She loves to get into things that she shouldn’t. She went through quite the drawing phase, where I was finding crayon marks in random places all over my house. She learned very quickly how to un-screw lids off of things, and has gotten into chapstick, nail polish, and mascara to name a few. Harper also thinks it’s funny to run away, whether it’s at home or in a store, she wants to be chased! She is seriously a little imp. But she has a dimple and is stinking cute so she gets away with it.


Harper is just full of personality, and we love having her in our family. I can’t imagine it without her and her cheesy grins, naughty little behavior, and tiny little bod. We just love this cute little two year old to pieces!

2013-1206 Summer_Andrus, JE-29

At two years old, Harper loves:

- treats
- juice
- tv
- books
- dressing up
- coloring (on everything!)
- eggs
- tubs
- tablets
- dancing
- singing
- being naughty
- playing with Reece and Remi
- dolls
- princesses
- brushing and flossing her teeth
- lips (chap stick)
- jewelry
- playing with her hair (twisting it and/or pulling it)

2013-1206 Summer_Andrus, JE-25

At two years old, Harper does not like:

- going to bed
- being in a cart
- taking naps
- time out
- not getting her way
- not being able to do things that older girls can