Saturday, July 26, 2014

.:28 Weeks:.

Third trimester! Finally. 

I am so glad to be in the last trimester. I'm trying really hard to be happy with being pregnant, but it is really just different this time around and I am not doing so well with it. Still. What's new, right? I feel huge. My belly is big, my chest is big, my legs are big - everything is just big. I've been working to drink a lot of water so that I don't get too swollen, but my hands and fingers always seem to get swollen no matter what I do. This baby continues to be incredibly active. Nites are especially busy, and with how often I am up with Harper at various times during the nite, I am surprised that he always seems to be awake with us. It gets uncomfortable and makes it difficult to sleep, but I do prefer having this problem as opposed to him not moving much at all.

 I'm still working out five times a week, but definitely having more aches and pains as I get bigger. My hips hurt pretty much all the time, and my belly gets pretty tight (Braxton Hicks maybe?) a lot while I am exercising. Definitely not jumping around like I used to be. We went hiking on Pioneer Day, and it turned out to be a bit more difficult of a hike which equated to me having to carry Harper at various points, both uphill and downhill. It didn't feel too difficult at the time, but my back was aching pretty badly by the time I went to bed that nite. 

We're still nowhere with a name, haven't even discussed it. But we have some traveling coming up, so I'm sure we'll use the car time to figure out a few good options. I need to change the decorations in his room and get the girly ones out, but haven't quite decided what I want to do yet. Other than that, and maybe a new diaper bag, I think this little guy has everything he is going to need. I love going to look at all of his little clothes; I seriously can't wait to get his little body into them. 

My glucose test is this week, and then we're down to appointments every two weeks. That makes things seem more exciting!

We were at the store the other day, and they had all of the fall stuff out (already!) I have to admit it made me pretty excited because fall = baby. Yay! 

28 weeks

Saturday, July 19, 2014

.:27 Weeks:.

Nothing new this week. Still tired. Still moody. I don't know why I'm struggling so much with this pregnancy. 

This baby is super active. Sometimes I wonder what in the world he is doing in there. I mostly love it, but there have been multiple times that it is actually uncomfortable and even hurts with whatever he is doing. I'm glad that he is so busy, though. It's nice to have that reassurance.

27 Weeks

Saturday, July 12, 2014

.:26 Weeks:.

If I thought I was sleeping badly last week, it's nothing compared to this week. I am tired. Harper is going through some sort of sleep anxiety thing, and it is taking a toll. She screams for about 20-30 minutes before going to bed every nite, starts getting upset the second you mention jammies, and says her bed is scary. Obviously something is bothering her, and it's really sad, but it's also really frustrating. We've never had a kid go through this before, and I don't know what to do. She wants Josh or I to lay with her before bed, which we try not to do because we don't want her to get used to it. But she is now getting up at least twice during the nite, upset, which requires someone to take her back to her bed and lay with her until she falls back asleep. Another bad habit, but it's the only way if we don't want her crying and screaming at 3 a.m. (and waking up Reece and Rem). So I am exhausted. Still feeling moody and burnt out on everything. But baby has picked up his regular moving habits again, which is a relief. The girls have gotten a kick out of watching my belly bounce around. Still exercising five days a week, and so grateful for that. I'm definitely having to tone it down some - I get soooo hot and overheated, and physically have some limitations with my belly getting in the way or some little pains - but I am really glad I've been able to stay so active this pregnancy. Can't wait to meet this little guy; Reece says just about everyday how excited she is to see what he looks like. She might be just as excited as I am to get this baby here!

26 weeks

Saturday, July 5, 2014

.:25 Weeks:.

This week saw a return of the moodiness. I had a horrible week of sleeping and I think that contributed to me feeling hyper-sensitive about things. I'm hoping this week will be better. Baby has been moving a lot less the past few days, which of course freaks me out a little bit. Probably didn't help with my mood to be feeling worried about that. But my belly just keeps on growing, and my belly button is on it's way out. Harper has a crazy outie, so we may have matching ones soon. This week has been crazy hot, and I have to really watch how much water I drink so that I don't start swelling up. I've already had the return of cankles a couple of times, and I really hate that feeling. I had a doctor's appointment this week, and it was super quick. We heard baby's heartbeat right away, and I got my drink to do my glucose test at my next appointment, as well as a paper about how to pre-register for the hospital. After my next appointment, I'll start going in every two weeks. That feels crazy to me! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

.:Pre-School Grads:.

Another school year come and gone. Reece and Remi both had a great time at school this year, and we have seen so much growth in both of them over the year!

Last day of school pictures



Remi was in a little joy school this year, so our graduation was pretty informal. We met at my house and played some fun games in the backyard. It was a great way to wrap up the school year.



We had a little ceremony to give each of the grads their certificates. So proud of this girl! She has really grown up SO MUCH this year. She is so much more confident of herself, and a lot more verbal with people than she used to be.


The graduating class


After getting certificates, it was time for some treats and snacks.


Reece was in a more formal pre-school this year, and she absolutely loved it. She had a graduation at our church, where the kids performed some songs that they knew and even had some speaking parts for the parents. It was really cute, and she had so much fun getting to know some new friends throughout the year.



We just love Miss Alanna! (Rem is going to her next year!)



It was a great school year!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

.:Memorial Day:.

We had a nice Memorial Day, just spent with our little family. We started off by heading up to the reservoir. There were TONS of people there, but we still managed to get our own little spot of beach, and the girls were pretty much in heaven.






After the reservoir, we headed home for some pool and sprinkler time, and a little bbq in our backyard.




It was a pretty perfect day, and I really love this little family of mine.