Monday, February 27, 2012

.:Winter Fun:.

We've managed to find some time to enjoy the winter this year, which hasn't been difficult, since our winter has been so mild!

Back in January, a group of us loaded up our kids and headed to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day, and felt much more like spring than winter! The kids had a great time running around and seeing the animals. 

We also have aquarium passes, so we were able to hit up the aquarium with cousins Jay and Evie. Fun was had by all!

Reece also started up with dance again. This time, she has some of her little buddies in her class (whose mommies are my buddies!) This day, we could only get pictures of Reece, Dixie, and Emerson together, but Dylan is in there, too! They'll be putting on a spring show of Sleeping Beauty, and much to their delight, their class will be the princesses. 

We're so lucky to live near so many fun things to do. Definitely helps break up everyday life! (Which is maybe more for me than for the kiddos!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

.:Harper–Three Months:.

Wow! Three months! That last month went fast.

This little lady is just such a joy. She has her crabby/fussy moments, but she is starting to turn into a much happier/content baby. We’re finally able to put her down for longer than five minutes at a time. She is starting to love the play mat, and she actually does well in the swing for periods of time – We’ve never had a swing baby, so this is new to us!

Harper has started finding her voice in the past week or so. It is so cute to watch her get all excited and finally get the noise out. Her talking is always accompanied with lots of smiles, too, and I don’t know that there’s a sweeter sound or sight. She often talks while on her play mat or swing; I’d just love to know what’s going through that cute little head of hers.


Harper is a total snuggle bug. She loves to be held, and often when you are holding her, she’ll nuzzle in towards you. It’s like she can’t quite get close enough! She doesn’t often end up in my bed anymore, but before when she would, or now when she does, she always manages to get right up next to me, and on her side facing towards me, as cozied up as she can get. I have to admit, it’s pretty sweet!


Harper has been awesome in her car seat up until this past week. All of the sudden she is not sleeping very long in it anymore. I remember this happening with Reece and Remi, too, and it’s a sad day when I have to start keeping her home to get her to nap well. Speaking of napping, we have absolutely no schedule with this little lady during the day. I’ve been much more lazy this time around. Reece and Remi both never napped until around four months, so I just haven’t even tried with Harper. I should probably start trying to enforce some sort of schedule with her so that when she’s ready, it will already be in place.


That being said, Harper’s nites are generally pretty good. I usually feed her around eight-ish, and she will go to bed until 10:30-11:00. After that, she usually gets up between one and two, and then again between five and six. After that feeding, I just get up, so it’s kind of like she’s my alarm clock! I’m hoping she can keep it up! She stays in her own bed most nites for the entire nite, and then I’ll pull her in to bed with me for that morning feeding. After that, she’ll sleep in my bed for another hour or two, which is really nice!


Baths are still not Harper’s favorite thing, but she is starting to tolerate them much better. I’ve gotten pretty efficient at bathing her as quickly as possible!


One thing Harper does like is when I sing to her. Reece and Remi never reacted to my singing when they were babies, so it’s been fun to see Harper light up when I start singing to her. Too bad it makes Remi mad when I sing. Smile


This little baby is just super sweet, super cute, and super cuddly. Pretty much smitten with her (most of the time!)


At three months, Harper likes:
- binky
- being held
- eating
- Mommy’s singing
- play mat
- swing
- smiling
- talking
- cuddling/nuzzling


At three months, Harper does not like:
- baths (only tolerates)
- being left alone for too long
- being put down for too long
- taking real naps


Love this beautiful baby!


Seriously, don’t you just want to gobble her up?


Friday, February 10, 2012

.:Harper’s Blessing Day:.

We were able to bless Harper this past weekend. My parents came into town, and we got surprised by Dani, Jefferson, and fam making the trek down from Boise. It was a whirlwind weekend, but we were able to hang out, eat, laugh, and enjoy being together.

We had a great turnout to Harper’s blessing. I went away from the day convinced that we know and have the best family and friends around. We’re so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people, and to have so many people care about our little family so much.

Harper was beautiful in her blessing dress – which is the same dress both Reece and Remi wore. She didn’t make a peep during the blessing (although Remi was doing some nice modeling moves on the coffee table during the blessing), and Josh gave her a beautiful blessing. I’m so grateful that he is worthy to hold the priesthood and be the head of our home. The girls are so lucky to have him for a father, and we’re all so lucky that he takes care of us so well.


We didn’t take many pictures (duh!) so here are the few that we got from the day. (Sad we didn’t really get any with anybody else!)

Our little family – Josh and his girls


Beautiful babe


Reece and Tay playing with Grandpa Paul and his tablet (I’m surprised he still gets it out around Reece, with how much she hassles him to play with it!)


Remi playing with Grandpa Gary


Remi has the ability to fall asleep anywhere. Literally, anywhere. (She is her father’s daughter!) Skipping a nap was a bit too much for her.



More of beautiful Harper.



Harper and cousin Evie checking each other out later in the evening. They are going to be best buds!