Thursday, May 20, 2010

.:Our Girls:.

Reece has been obsessed with wearing these glasses lately. She wears them around the house, and when we're out and about. I think she looks darling in them, of course!

Remi got in on the action, too!

These are the ruffle dresses that I made for the girls. Now I just want to make a ton!

And little Rem Rem is a smiling fool lately. Here are my attempts to catch her sweet smile on camera. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get a good one, you can't really see it much in these!

I love these two little ladies!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

.:Blessing Day:.

Well, it's about time I got around to posting about Remi's baby blessing! We blessed Remi on May 2nd. We did a double baby blessing with her new cousin Jay, who is just 11 days older than her! It was such a wonderful day/weekend! ALL of my family was able to come into town that weekend. It is very rare that we are all together, so it was really neat that everyone made the effort to come and support us.

We started off the weekend by hitting up Arctic Circle for dinner so that the kids could have somewhere to play. Our house is not really meant to accommodate that many people all at once! The kids had a great time playing, and all of the adults had a great time sitting around and chatting.

The next morning we headed down to the new Deseret Book downtown. My parents spoiled us and let all of us - adults and kids - pick out a book for a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift. Thanks parentals! The store was really nice, although I spent most of my time there nursing Remi. Grandma Z spent some time reading to the kids so the adults could look around.

For the afternoon, the guys were in charge of the kids while the girls went to get pedicures! The guys stuck a movie on for the kids while we were gone!

That nite we went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. To say it was ghetto is an understatement. But the kids had a great time playing on the rides! Reece was all over the place, and loving every minute of it!

Sunday was blessing day! We decided to do it at our clubhouse since we were doing it together, and it was just perfect. We had everyone (except Katelyn - we missed you!) from both of our families there, along with some of our closest friends. It was just such a special day, and so neat that we got to share it with all of the people that we love most. Josh did a wonderful job with the blessing. We are so blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder as the head of our home, my husband, and as a father to our beautiful girls. Remi was an angel the entire day, and she looked so beautiful wearing the same dress that Reece wore! Sam also did a fantastic job blessing little Jay. We just really appreciate everyone coming to support us! The weekend went way too quickly!

Nikki and I with the babes

Pretty Remi

Sweet Reece

Looking out the window with Andi

Remi and Jay all tuckered out - being blessed is a lot of work!

Uncle Ben and Cal with Remi; Cal kept wanting to hold her, it was so sweet! He's going to be a great big brother in a few weeks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.:The Evolution of the Eye:.

Please don't call CPS after reading this. (Didn't I just say that in a previous post? Yikes!) I promise I'm a good mom and my children are loved and cared for!

About a week and a half ago, I took the girls to Target. Usually I put Remi's car seat in the basket part of the cart, but I decided to let Reece sit back there. She's done it multiple times before, and we've never had any problems. We were going about our shopping, and last I saw, Reece was sitting in the basket part of the cart, eating her crackers, and drinking her water. We stop in an aisle for me to look at something. About 10 seconds later is when I hear the terrible sound. I just knew that Reece was no longer in the cart. I got to her as quickly as I could, and she started screaming almost immediately. Somehow she either fell out of the cart or was trying to climb out (based on the amount of climbing that is going on at our house lately, I'm guessing the latter). Her eye immediately started to swell up, and her mouth was bleeding where she had bit it. It was truly one of the most horrible moments ever.

Luckily, she never lost consciousness. I called my friend whose husband is a nurse and asked what sorts of behavior I should be looking for since Reece had obviously landed on her head. Her pupils stayed the same size, she never had any type of seizure, and after a good nap that afternoon, was acting totally normal. I called an instacare later that evening (it was the weekend) and the nurse said we could bring her in if we were really worried, but based on what I had told her, she recommended that we just keep an eye on her for any changes in her behavior. We were so blessed that after the initial fall, she has never once seemed bothered by it at all. I felt/feel like the worst mom ever for not being more safe with her. Won't be making that mistake again!

Over this past week and a half, we've seen her eye go from bad to worse, and then on it's way to healing. It's actually looking much better than I ever would have expected at this point. It has been so sad to watch, but like I said above, at least she has never seemed bothered by it. We were so lucky that it didn't have a worse ending.

Day One (we thought this was bad...we had no idea how much worse it was going to get!)

Day Two in the morning

Day Two in the afternoon

Day Three (by far the WORST day!) in the morning

Day Three in the afternoon

Day Four

Luckily, most of the black/purple and swelling is gone. Her eye is just lovely shades of yellow and green now. Poor girl, she's been such a trooper!