Sunday, June 30, 2013

.:Trip to Oregon:.

This post is picture saturated! 

At the end of May, Gramzee came to visit! We are always excited when Gramzee comes. But even better was that we were going to be going back home with her when her trip was over. The girls didn’t quite understand that Gramzee was going to stay in Utah for a few days before we headed up to Oregon. They basically thought that we were going to drive to Oregon as soon as Gramzee got here. Luckily we managed to have enough fun while she was here that they kind of forgot about asking to go to Gramzee’s house.

Checking out movies on Gramzee’s phone, and deciding what to see.

photo_1 (3)

We went with Epic. Starting the day off with popcorn and Diet Coke is always good in our book!

photo (3)

We also spent some time shopping, playing with cousins, and running errands. The girls loved having Gramzee around all day long!

photo_6 (4)

photo_8 (4)

photo_9 (3)

We loaded up the car Saturday nite, and made the drive to Gramzee and Grandpa Paul’s house on Sunday. My mom drove the whole way so that I could take care of kiddos. Harper had come down with a fever the nite before, but even with that, they all traveled like rockstars! I don’t honestly think that they could have been any better.

photo_3 (5)

photo_5 (4)

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We were lucky to catch Grandpa Paul home on a break from church duties right when we got home, and the girls got to feed the horses with him right away.

photo_2 (4)

The weather was fantastic while we were there; in the 90’s and we were out by the pool every single day. The girls loved playing in the water with their cousins!

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photo_3 (4)

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photo_7 (2)

photo_8 (2)

The mommies enjoyed the pool time as well!

photo_4 (3)

There was also golf cart riding.

photo (5)

photo_1 (5)

Or kids trying to make the golf cart go without Grandpa.

photo_5 (3)

There was some auntie snuggling.

photo_10 (2)

photo_9 (2)

We had an un-birthday party.

photo_2 (5)

photo_3 (6)

photo_8 (5)

The girls loved playing with Grandpa’s phone,

photo (3)

sharing tablets,

photo (4)

and just hanging out and playing. I loved being able to love on my nieces and nephews – especially the babies!

photo_10 (3)

photo_9 (4)

The ladies enjoyed coke drinking, and pedicures.


Our last nite there, we made a fire and roasted up some mallows. I think the girls enjoyed that!

photo_4 (2)

photo_3 (3)

photo_2 (2)

photo_1 (2)

We just had the most lovely week, and didn’t want it to end! The girls loved spending time up there, and we’re all super appreciative of all of the time that was spent with us. I drove back home with the girls by myself, and once again, they couldn't have been more amazing! Best kids ever!

When can we go back?

Friday, June 21, 2013

.:Remi’s Birthday Party:.

I realized that I never posted about Remi’s birthday party. Better late than never, right?

We celebrated Remi’s 3rd birthday with a casual, afternoon play date type party. I was trying to keep it stress free and on the less expensive side, but still do something fun for Remi that the other kids would like. So we had a Candy Couture party.

Moo&Puppy 8.5x11 Dearborn Blue:Orange

Rem is not a lover of the baked goods, so my original plan of decorating cupcakes went out the window. I thought it would be more fun to do something with candy, since she is definitely a lover of that.


I had the kids make candy necklaces for the activity. They had quite the spread to choose from!


The kids loved making – and eating their creations.



Candy = Happiness



The party crew.


Then of course, there were presents to be opened. The best part!




Rem was spoiled rotten by all of her little friends! The girls all enjoyed the new toys she got.

After presents, there was cupcakes. It’s a party, there has to be cake.





We had a great time, and are so glad we have so many good friends to share our special days with!