Thursday, December 25, 2008

.:Three Months:.

I'll have more to update about Christmas later, but I wanted to get Reece's three month entry in today. I can't believe that my baby is three months old! Everyone always tells you how fast the time goes, being a parent, but you just have no idea until you have a child of your own!

At three months Reece likes:
- smiling at Mom and Dad
- 'talking' to Mom and Dad
- Daddy playing his nose game with her
- laying on the couch and looking around
- laying on the floor and looking around
- watching Baby Einstein movies (or just about anything that is playing on TV)
- her pink elephant toy that lights up and plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- being sung to
- grabbing onto things (that are placed in her hands)
- sucking on her hands (or your finger if you put it in her mouth!)
- kicking her legs (going to be a soccer player like her mama!)
- being held facing out, so she can look around

At three months Reece tolerates:
- the swing
- baths (I think she might be starting to like them!)
- Mom putting headbands on her
- tummy time (for short periods of time!)

At three months Reeces hates:
- getting dressed (still hates putting arms into sleeves!)
- being burped or held tummy to tummy (most of the time)
- going up and down stairs while facing out (discovered this at my parents house - it scares her!)

Reece is such a sweet little baby. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We are still learning how to be the best parents we can be, and Reece is hanging in there with us! She is pretty much the cutest baby I have ever seen, and we couldn't love her more!

Monday, December 22, 2008

.:I'm a real mommy now:.

I decided that I must truly be a mom now because I now see nothing wrong with talking to anyone about my child's poop! Sounds gross, but other mommies understand I'm sure. Reece went through a little stage where her poor little tummy wasn't doing very well, and we were having explosions/blowouts every couple of days. Poor babe! I think I earned my mommy wings by experiencing some of this in public places!

Let's see, where to begin. It's been awhile!

Reece has been doing really well this past month. I can't believe that she is going to be three months old in a few days! I feel like she just barely turned two months old. She has mellowed out a lot, and isn't nearly as fussy as she used to be. She smiles and 'talks' all the time, and there's just nothing better. She is getting so big, and it's been kind of fun to have a new wardrobe for her to choose from!

Right now we are in Oregon for Christmas. Reece and I flew in. My parents were so nice and bought us a plane ticket so that we didn't have to drive! She was an absolute angel on the plane! She did a great job going through security and ended up falling asleep in my arms while we were waiting in the terminal. Then she slept the whole flight! I was so proud of her! I got a lot of comments on how well behaved she was. She's been having a bit of a rough time since we got here. Her sleeping schedule is still the same - not the greatest naps but sleeping through the nite - but I still think she is a little off from being in a new place, with tons of new people around, always wanting to be in her face and handling her. Yesterday was probably THE WORST day we've ever had with her. She and I both spent a lot of it in tears! Luckily I have great family members who helped keep me sane and took some turns with her so I could cool off. Josh is always really patient with her too, and seems to know just when I'm at my breaking point. Today has been better, so hopefully she'll figure things out in the next day or two. Probably just in time for us to head back to Utah! :)

It is so fun to be home. The last batch of family is getting in today. My parents have a full house! I love being able to spend this extra time with my parents, siblings, in laws, and niece/nephews. It doesn't happen nearly enough! It's going to be so neat to have everyone here for the holidays. Everything is really falling into place for Alli's wedding as well. She is so ready and excited, and we are excited to have Nic officially in the family! We also got the news that the 6th grandchild is on the way from Dani and Jefferson. We are so happy and excited for them. I can't believe they'll have three kids!

Other than that, not much going on with us. Josh is still busy working both of his jobs, but happy to have this week off to relax and not have to worry about it! I had started watching Millie again for a couple of weeks. It was fun to have her and spend the time with her. I figure now I'll be a pro when we have two kids of our own! But I got laid off because her mom got laid off! It will be nice for Millie to have that time with Leslie, but it's also going to hurt us since we won't have that money coming in anymore. We're considering having me sub once a week - on Fridays - which are short days at school, and also my mother in law's day off. So we'll see if we end up needing to go that route. The thought of leaving Reece makes me sick, but I also feel lucky to have the option of a flexible job!

I'm sure I'll have lots more to update after our holidays are over! Merry merry!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

.:7 Facts About Me:.

Some of my friends are blogging seven random facts about themselves, so I thought I would do the same for fun!

1. I color code the clothes in my closet. It makes things a lot easier to find. (Not that I have so many clothes that it's really that hard to find something!)

2. I am very anal/ocd about having things in their particular place. I'm sure Josh could back me up on that one!

3. I love the smell of Scotch tape. Weird, I know, but it's true.

4. I am fascinated with Asian and Middle Eastern culture. I love to read books about them, and wish that I could visit some of the places that I've read about.

5. True crime also interests me! I love to watch crime shows on TV, read true crime stories, and would love to go tag along for some investigation.

6. I love playing the piano. I've been playing since first or second grade. Growing up, I would compete in competitions, and made it to state a few times.

7. I can't stand grammar errors! The teacher in me is constantly correcting people for using words like 'funner' or 'funnest' and substituting misspelled words. i.e. your - you're, their - there, etc.