Wednesday, April 8, 2015

.:Jabren - Six Months:.

Half a year old!

 It must be because Jabes is our last, but time is flying even more than usual for me with this baby! Maybe because I am not ready for each stage/month to end or change. I'm really trying to savor this little guy, but time is stealing it from me!

This sweet baby is changing so much lately! For one thing, he has a new trick: sitting! He rarely rolls over, but sits independently for significant periods of time. He is still wobbly and hasn't always learned how to catch himself, but he is getting better everyday. I think he likes having a new perspective! 

Jabes is also getting super busy. He is so grabby! I feel like it happened overnite, he just wants to be touching and grabbing anything and everything that is in sight. I love how curious is about discovering what is around him. It is so fun to watch him discover everything!

I finally moved Jabren into his own room. And I should have done it sooner! He has definitely been sleeping better in there. The first couple of nites, he woke up around 2ish, but was easily put back to sleep with his binky and a little rocking. Now I usually get a solid 5-6 hour stretch every nite. I'm hoping that will extend soon, especially once we start food. 

Jabes is also starting to take naps! It is so glorious to be able to get a few things done around the house during the day without him being upset at me for not entertaining him! 

Jabren continues to be a slobbery mess most of the time. Those dang teeth have been moving around for months now! I really think it has to be teething. Luckily it doesn't appear to phase him too much, other than he is starting to get rashes on his neck and chest from all of the slobber. His hands are constantly in his mouth, unless he is holding a toy that he can gnaw on. I know babies discover things using their mouths but this is for sure more than that. 

Jabes still loves being changed, still loves being on his changing table, and still loves his baths. I know changing him is going to start getting more difficult really quick here; he is always rolling up on to his sides, and I know as he gets more mobile it's going to turn into a wrestling match. I am excited for him to be more sturdy with sitting so that he can sit up in the tub. He is going to love splashing around even more!

We are going to be starting food now! I have been holding off because it wasn't really necessary when he is such a great nurser, but he has definitely been showing an interest in food for over a month now. His pediatrician said that we could basically skip baby food altogether if we want to. Music to my ears! I don't love the baby food stage at all. The doctor said that anything that we can mash up is fair game, even eggs and peanut butter. The only off limits food is honey. I always love when my babies are on table food, and I love that we'll be able to integrate that earlier on now. Jabes is still supposed to have cereal or oatmeal once a day to make sure he is getting iron, but other than that, we are on our own as to what we want to give him. I think he is going to love it!

Jabren has really found his voice. He spends a lot of time squealing and screaming happy sounds. He loves to listen to himself, and also let himself be heard. It is fun to hear all of his happy sounds! 

We just adore our sweet baby boy, and are really enjoying every last bit of him!

At six months, Jabren likes:

- baths
- changing table
- toys
- gnawing on hands
- chewing on toys
- standing
- sitting
- watching shows
- having his sisters entertain him
- silly sounds
- nursing
- binky
- being tickled
- nuzzling
- having his face and head tickled
- being sung to
- being held

At six months, Jabren does not like:

- being put in his car seat; or staying in there too long
- getting swaddled
- being left alone for too long

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Remi and Jabren both had doctor's appointments today. And they both rocked them! Both of them checked out healthy and perfect! They each had shots, and I was worried about that - especially Remi. But they both surprised me! Hardly any tears from either of them! 

Rem weighed in at 42 lbs (66%) and 45 in (90%).

Jabes weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz (34%) and 27.36 in (82%).

I'm not sure how Jabes is in the 34% with those sweet rolls (and you can't even see his cottage cheese thighs) but apparently we make tall kids!

Monday, April 6, 2015

.:Easter 2015:.

We kicked off our Easter festivities a couple of weeks beforehand with FHE on a Sunday nite (because of Josh's schedule) and made peeps houses! The girls, of course, thought it was pretty great!

The Saturday before Easter, we had our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. A neighbor puts it together every year; she had over 900 eggs this year! We all donate prizes and candy, and then the kids are split into three age groups for the hunt. The girls always have a great time. It was windy and cold, but they were troopers!

Our fun didn't end there! After that Easter egg hunt, the girls were treated to another egg hunt courtesy of Kerri. She, Ken, Em, Katelyn, and her two kids Easton and McKayli came over for more Easter fun. 

After we spent some time with them, and a quick visit from Grandpa Gary, we were on our own for some egg dyeing. We did 24 eggs, which I thought would have been plenty, but they could have done tons more if we would have had them!

Jabes supervised.

On Sunday, we woke up to find that the Easter bunny had paid us a visit and left some goodies and hid some eggs. 

He even helped Santa out and brought some goodies that Santa forgot at Christmas!

Yes, that is Jabes sitting up

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new goodies, eating yummy food, and watching General Conference. It was a nice, low key day spent together as a little family! We definitely enjoyed the commercial side of things, but it was also wonderful to be able to hear from our prophet and church leaders as we remembered the true reason for Easter: our Savior and His atoning sacrifice. So grateful for our gospel knowledge!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

.:Celebrating Rem:.

We had a fun couple of days of celebrating Rem! 

We started off the day, of course, with presents! 

That afternoon we had Remi's kindergarten orientation. I can't believe she will be going to kindergarten next year! She is really excited, though, and it will be fun for her to start.

After that, we let Rem choose where dinner was, which naturally was "Old McDonald's" as our kids call it. We ate, and then headed to the movies. Remi picked Home, and we all had a great time seeing it!

The next day we had a Frozen birthday party for Remi. We invited some of her friends from church and school, as well as a couple of other kids. It was her first real friends only party, and it was a lot of fun. 

The girls all dressed up as Frozen characters for the party.

We had Frozen food, complete with a cupcake dress.

We started off with some Frozen coloring pages as everyone arrived.

Next it was on to Frozen bingo, and then we made some Frozen necklaces and key chains.

Then it was time for the best part: presents!

After presents, we sang to Rem and ate.

It was a fun party; such a great group of kids!

The party crew!

Happy Fifth Birthday Rem!