Saturday, August 30, 2008

.:What's in there?:.

What's in there?

That's the question a first grader asked me on Friday about my belly. I just thought it was funny the way the he worded it!

To answer his question, what's in there is a little baby girl who got some practice at giving her parents grief this week! She hadn't been moving very much on Wednesday and Thursday, so I figured that I would give the doctor a call on Thursday just to be safe. It wasn't that she was not moving at all - just that she was not moving even close to as much as she had been before. I kind of figured that the doctor would just tell me that she is getting big and not able to move around as much.

Well, we ended up at the hospital instead for a non-stress test. First we had an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level. That turned out great. The nurse also showed us her little beating heart, which of course was very reassuring! It was fun to see her again, even though we didn't get to see a ton. The nurse did confirm that the baby is head down, and she also showed us her spine and ribs. Then she strapped me up to some monitors. One monitor was recording the baby's heartbeat, and the other one was monitoring my contractions. The idea is to see how the baby responds to the contractions. She passed with flying colors! The nurse said the baby is doing great, and that we have nothing to worry about. She also said that I was contracting ever 2-4 minutes, and that each contraction lasted about 30-90 seconds. I'm not sure it totally means things are going to happen early, but the way the nurse was talking about it sure made it appear that way! Music to my ears! We are so excited to get this baby here!

So in light of that, I decided that I had really get serious about packing my hospital bag. I have about everything I think I could need out and ready. There will be a few last minute things to pack, but I feel that we'd be safe whatever happens now. We also spent this morning rearranging our garage so that we don't have to worry about that later on after the baby gets here.

Today is the first day of college football, so that's what we'll be doing this afternoon and evening!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

.:36 weeks:.

I can't believe that we are to 36 weeks already. Time is just flying by so quickly. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. At last week's appointment, my doctor thought that the baby might be breech because she could only find her heartbeat up by my chest. We were relieved to find out yesterday that the baby seems to have turned back head down. Hopefully she'll just stay that way until it's time for her to come! Her heartbeat was good, and I got my Group B Strep test done. We'll find out the results of that at next week's appointment. I'll probably start getting internal exams next week or the week after. I've had two contractions so far - a week apart from each other - and hope that means my body is starting to prepare!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.:New Blog:.

This is the start of a new blog/journal for us. I am really bad at journaling, so I figure this will be a good resource for us in the future! Here's what is going on in our lives right now.

Josh and I are expecting a baby girl in about a month! We are so excited and anxious to meet her. It was a difficult road for us to get pregnant, and we are grateful to have made it this far. Her room is all ready, and she is one spoiled girl already!

I have quit work to stay at home to be a mom. This was a difficult decision for us, but I think that we made the right one. Since making that decision, things continue to work out for us, and I know that the Lord is watching out for us. While staying at home, I'll have the opportunity to watch our niece, Millie, for Ryan and Leslie. It is a blessing for us to earn some money while I am able to stay home with our daughter.

Josh is working full time at Macey's, and just got another job with IHC as a CNA. We are hoping that will turn to full time soon. He is going to be very busy with working, and I'm so grateful for his sacrifice so that I can stay home from work. He'll now be able to apply to the nursing program through IHC, and they will pay for his school. Hopefully he'll be able to get into the program within the next 6 months to a year.

We are both serving in callings in our ward. I am still Young Women's president. I complain about it, but need to be better about serving willingly! I do enjoy working with the girls, and have really learned a lot from them. Josh is in the Sunday School presidency. It usually doesn't require too much time, so that is kind of nice for him.

I suppose that is about it for now. We are just waiting for this little one to make her appearance so that we can try our hand at being parents! We are so blessed, and know that the Lord is mindful of us.