Monday, November 24, 2014

.:Reece - Six Years Old:.

Reece turned SIX back in September. Six! How did that happen? I feel like I have blinked, and all of the sudden my kids are getting too old, too fast. But I am also loving each new stage and development with our kids. 

Six year stats:

Weight: 43.65 lb (43%)
Height: 46.77 in (77%)

Reece is such a happy girl. She gets excited about just about anything, and it is infectious! I wish we could all be so happy and satisfied with life! There are definitely times when she can pull a little attitude, but for the most part, she is just great about everything. 

Reece is so kind and helpful. She is always wanting to help me with anything - cooking, baking, the babe - whatever I need, she's usually my willing gal! She is also very kind hearted. She thinks about other people's feelings, and tries to be nice in most situations. Sometimes I feel like I expect too much of her, since she is the oldest, but Reece is so good to just rise to it. 

Reece is in kindergarten and LOVING it. It is so fun watching her learn and grow. She is learning how to read, and it is fun to watch her make sense of everything. Reece loves to point out words that she knows in the scriptures, or wherever else she sees them. Makes my teacher heart happy! She is also super well behaved at school; at parent/teacher conferences, her teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about Reece. She even said that Reece is her first recommendation to substitute teachers of students who will be helpful. Somehow I'm not surprised! She is a people pleaser (in a good way!) and wants to do the right thing. 

Reece loves to play with Remi and Harper, but she is also starting to outgrow some toys in some ways. Her interests have broadened a bit to other things like Legos, perler beads, some video games, and art stuff. Not that she doesn't love playing with toys still, but she is expanding what she likes to do. She loves to be in charge of Rem and Harp, and sometimes I have to remind her that they don't have to do what she says. They are all pretty good about playing together most of the time, though, and I love that they love each other. 

Reece is in dance this year, and is loving taking jazz and ballet with some of her little buddies. I can't wait for her recital after Christmas! She is very creative, and has a wonderful imagination. She often makes up her own dances and songs, and likes to perform them for us. 

Reece is just a beautiful, happy, smart, healthy girl, and we just couldn't love her more!

At six years old, Reece likes:

- treats
- tablet
- movies
- video games (Wii)
- dancing
- singing
- Legos
- anything art!
- learning
- reading
- books
- school
- dressing up
- helping
- staying up late
- playing with Remi and Harper
- helping with Jabren
 - being in charge
- playdough
- getting movies from Redbox

At six years old, Reece does not like:

- feeling embarrassed
- being frustrated
- getting in trouble
- time out
- being hot
- going to bed

We love you Reece!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

.:First Day of School:.

Reece and Remi both started school the same week this year. Remi was up first with her first day of pre-school! She is going to Sunny Patch, where Reece went last year. We just adore Miss Alanna, and Remi is having a great year so far. I'm sure she is and will be learning a lot! 

Reece didn't start until later in the week, but she did get to go in to her classroom to do her one on one assessment with her teacher. We were fans of her teacher's bulletin board!

How do I have a kid in kindergarten??

Walking to school with our friends. How cute are they, holding hands??

In front of the school with her little buddies, Dixie and Emerson.

It's a good thing I'm wearing sunglasses so you can't see as much of the ugly crying. I totally lost it as we were standing in line, waiting for Mrs. Bruin to come get her class. 

And she's off! Reece was so ready for kindergarten, and she is loving it so far! 

.:Sunriver 2014:.

Each summer we look forward to heading up to Sunriver to spend time with my family. It is a great opportunity for our kids to see their cousins that they don't get to see very often, and for all of us to connect. I hope we are always able to make it! 

We decided to head up a few days early to spend some time at my parent's house. 

That included more pool time and zip lining for the girls, of course!

After a few days of fun, it was off to Sunriver! 

We started the trip off right by heading out on our first bike ride. Where I proceeded to fall off my bike while trying to dismount. I'm pretty sure nothing was hurt more than my pride. Super embarrassing, but I'm going to play the pregnant card on that one. 

There was lots of biking the entire week. Reece even rode her bike with training wheels on a couple of rides! It was definitely work for her, but she did awesome! I was really proud of her! Hopefully we'll be able to ditch the training wheels by next summer! She loved trying out the tag along, too!

It was a constant shuffle of kids between the carriers, but it was fun for them to all have turns with so many different people!

We always bike to the lodge at least a few times for beverages, snacks, and playing.

There were also trips to Goody's for ice cream, a must at Sunriver!


We had a fun un-birthday party at the park for the kids. Cupcakes were a must of course!

After our un-birthday party, there was plenty of time for playing at the park!

We also had a fun FHE put on by Alli about keeping the Sabbath day holy!

We made it to SHARC one day.

Along with all of these fun activities, there was just lots of hanging out with cousins and having fun! 

The boys took a morning and went shooting.

And the girls did favorite things - one of my favorite traditions!

And the last thing we do every year is take some family pictures. This one is already outdated!

Showing our better sides.

My amazing parents, who make this happen every year!

That's a lot of kids! All age 8 and under!

The original siblings. (I love how they put the pregnant one in the middle, let's draw more attention to that big 'ol belly!)

And our original Stewart family. 

Such a wonderful week! Can't wait until next year!