Sunday, November 17, 2013

.:St George Fun:.

We have family friends from Klamath that have a home in St George, and they have always said that we would be welcome to use it if we wanted to go on a little trip down there. So we decided to finally take advantage! We planned a long weekend with Sam and Nikki. We spent our first morning at a splash pad in downtown St George. The kids had a blast! It wasn’t so much splash pad, as mini lazy wading river and waterfalls over the red rocks. We spent a couple of hours there with the kids happily playing the day away! Local police officers were walking around, handing out Otter Pops, too. Score!







There is a little carousel right by the splash pad, so we decided to go on that. Remi even went on it! She opted for a stationary bench, while Harper and Reece went for the horses. We went on two rides, and Harper was ticked at the end both times! She didn’t want to get off!





After a couple of rides, and some fast food lunch, we headed to the temple to take a stroll around the grounds. We lucked out and a bride was there taking pictures. Which of course, all the kids called a princess. And I say that’s absolutely right!



We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool in the community, where we enjoyed this view. We live in such a beautiful state!


The next morning we went on a bike ride, and then headed in to Swig to see what all the fuss was about these sugar cookies and Dirty Diet Cokes.


Our verdict: Cookies were good but overrated, and my dirty Diet Coke was delicious.




We spent some time bumming around Target – trying on Halloween wigs, eating out, and relaxing.




It was a fun little getaway to some warmer weather, and we had a great time!

.:Reece–Five Years Old:.

I seriously don’t understand how Reece is five. Five! But she is just growing up more and more every day, so I guess it had to happen.


This girl. What can I say? She has so much personality! People are often so amused at how enthusiastic she is about everything. And I mean pretty much everything! She finds joy in so many things, and you can’t help but feel it too when you are around her.


Reece is quite the helper. She is always wanting to help me with anything and everything. She loves especially to help with baking, but often mimics things that I do with Harper and Remi. It’s super cute to hear her copying what I say, and using the same voice. She can be such a little mommy sometimes, and I know she is going to continue being the best big sister!


Reece loves her sisters. She and Remi and Harper really are just best friends. They can often play together so well for so long. Of course, they still have their little fights, but in general, we couldn’t be luckier with how much they love each other. Sometimes they even prefer to play with each other over friends! I hope their relationships continue to grow like this! It makes my heart so happy and full!

boatneck cover

Reece loves to sing and dance. She will often perform ‘shows’ for us. I love her imagination! She definitely got the Stewart performing gene. She makes requests for songs in the car, dances along with me at my Zumba class, and loves to turn on the classical music on my keyboard and make up dances. She is going to love it once she starts participating in a dance class!


Reece also loves to learn. She is in pre-school again this year (year three!) after barely missing the kindergarten deadline. She is SO ready to go to ‘big school’. She talks about it often, almost daily, and can’t wait to start going to ‘big school’. We drive by her big school from time to time, and it just makes her even more excited. She is learning a lot at pre-school, and is able to retain a lot of what she learns. She also loves creating things. I’ll often find all three girls at the kitchen table, coloring and drawing. Her drawing has progressed out of the phase of legs sticking straight out of the head, and she now makes bodies, and is starting to draw lots of other things. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow and figure things out!


Reece is just a beautiful, smart girl, who has excitement and enthusiasm for life! Everyone loves being around her, and is always complimentary of her manners and excitement. She is such a joy and blessing in our lives, and we just love having this little lady around!


At FIVE, Reece loves:

- helping
- dancing
- singing
- treats
- movies
- watching t.v.
- coloring
- school
- learning
- playing with Remi and Harper
- dressing up
- staying up late
- books
- being silly
- wrestling with Remi
- chasing with Remi and Harper
- playing ‘mommy’
- playing with friends
- playing on her tablet
- princess anything
- posing for the camera
- taking pictures
- painting toes


At FIVE Reece doesn’t like:

- time out
- being in trouble
- feeling embarrassed
- feeling frustrated
- being hot
- going to bed


Love you lots Reeey piecey!

.:Reece Turns FIVE:.

Reece turned five back in September. It totally snuck up on me, and I’m still a bit in denial that my oldest is FIVE! I never said she could grow up, but it just keeps happening! We spent a fun day with friends, and ate out at ‘Old Macdonals’ with Sam and Nikki since Reece and Sam share a birthday. Then we met up with Josh once he was off of work for ice cream.


After that we FINALLY got to go home and open presents! She was completely spoiled and enjoyed every second of it!





We had a Rock Star birthday party with her friends, and she had a blast.



The kids all got VIP passes, and decorated microphones.



We did some freeze dancing and enjoyed microphone cupcakes.





Group hug!


We’re so fortunate to have such a great little group of friends for our kids!

I’d say Reece’s entry into being five was a success!

.:Family Pictures in Sunriver:.

Whenever we have everyone all together, we enlist Sam and Nikki to get some pictures of the whole group. It’s always a bit of a production, but I’m impressed that we continue to manage to get some good pictures with all of these little kids!

The whole fam



The women


The men


The original Stewart sibs


Gramzee and Grandpa Paul with all of the littles


Best parents EVER


Cute girlie cousins