Saturday, July 31, 2010

.:Four Month Stats:.

Remi had her four month checkup yesterday.

She was squealing, cooing, and flirting with her doctor. He was really pleased with all of her growth and her development. He even went so far as to say that she is on the fast track with her development! She did a great job during the exam, and we are so happy to know that she is right on track with where she should be.

I asked him if she should be sleeping through the nite yet, since she's at a substantial weight. He said that technically, yes, she should be, but that it is really not a big deal if I am okay with her still getting up. It's not really a big deal, but I also wouldn't mind if she stopped doing it, too! :) He also said that she likely had an ear infection earlier in the week because she had fluid in her ear. She had been grabbing her ears earlier in the week, so we had wondered, but he said that if she seems to be doing better, then we didn't need to do anything about it.

Remi has not been doing so well with this round of shots! She was okay when she got them, but then had a major freakout last nite where she wouldn't eat and was basically inconsolable. She's currently doing the same thing this morning. However, she did sleep pretty great last nite, so maybe that means she'll take good naps today? We'll see!

Weight: 15 pounds 4 ounces - 83rd percentile
Height: 25.2 inches - 82nd percentile
Head Circumference: 17 inches - 91st percentile

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

.:Remi - Four Months:.

Our little Remi cake is four months old today. I just can hardly believe that another month has passed with our sweet girl! Remi is just growing and learning so much! She is such a sweet little baby, and I'm loving each new phase with her.

While we were in Oregon, she developed this really high pitched squeal that she would do constantly while she was awake. She hasn't done it much since we've been home, though - I think she was doing it to be heard over all of the other kids while we were there! She loves cooing and gurgling at anyone who will listen. She really loves to lock eyes with you and just smile the day away. Remi is not much of a laugher; she just smiles super big when she is excited! She has returned to her happy, content self, and I love that she is able to entertain herself a bit while I do things with Reece or get ready or whatever.

Remi is still not the best napper. She's starting to have more days where she takes good naps, but we're definitely not consistent yet. We're working on the sleeping through the nite thing as well. She's old enough, and certainly big enough to not need that feeding!

Remi has really started noticing her hands lately. She loves to stare at her bracelets, and is starting to get some control over grabbing things. It is really cute to watch her discover this new skill.

Remi hasn't done a ton of rolling from her tummy to back since she first did it a ton that first week, but it has been happening a bit more lately. She has also rolling on to her side a lot, and on Sunday she rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time! It took her awhile to get all the way over, but she stuck with it. She was rolling fool the rest of the day! She does a great job with her head control, and likes to be carried up by my shoulder. She is also great at sitting in her Bumbo chair. It's fun to give her a whole new perspective on life!

She still adores Reece and watching Reece, and Reece has become so sweet with her lately. Reece is always giving her loves and kisses - melts my heart!

At four months Remi likes:

- watching Reece
- smiling
- being held
- cooing/talking/gurgling
- squealing
- sucking on her hands
- nursing
- baths
- binky
- grabbing things
- being sung to
- attention!

At four months Remi does not like:

- getting in her car seat
- being hungry
- being cold
- taking naps (grrr!)

Some fun facts about Remi:

- Remi and Reece are wearing the same size of diapers now!
- Remi can't get enough of sucking on her hands; whenever I'm feeding her, they always seem to creep in there and get in the way. It's like she can't help herself!
- Remi is on a mission to soil every piece of clothing she owns. This girl has more blowouts than I've ever heard of!
- She has the most delicious thighs I've ever seen!
- Remi is pretty much smiling all the time but I struggle to get pictures because she freezes up whenever she sees the camera!
- Remi has the most clammy hands and feet ever!

We just can't imagine our lives without our little Rem Rem!

Friday, July 23, 2010

.:Girl's Week:.

Our vacation continues....

After spending the weekend in Salem, all of the girls (and kids) headed down to my parent's house in Klamath Falls. We were ready for a week of fun!

This was the scene of our afternoons. Doesn't get much better!

Here is Remi's first time in the pool. I think she liked it!

Reece is ready to go!

My mom hired a gal from her ward to come up and teach the kids swimming lessons. It was really casual and laid back, but super fun. Reece didn't totally get what to do, but she did learn to blow bubbles and kick her legs. She also really enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool and the games.

My parent's pool has a beach front entrance, which is just perfect for the little ones. It's a great area for them to play without mommies having to stress out as much.

Floating with Grandpa.

Remi hanging out while the rest of us enjoy the water!

One day we took the kids to ride the trolley through downtown. It was a nice little half hour ride, and the kids really enjoyed it!

Gray, Carter, and Calvin

Andi, Reece, and Gramzee

All the ladies and babies

Watching out the window

After we rode the trolley, we went to the lake to feed the ducks and geese. Those geese were huge! I think they were all bigger than Reece. There was some baby geese that were so cute. I'm pretty sure Reece just ate all of the bread she was supposed to be throwing!

Remi once again hanging out in her car seat while we feed the ducks.

After feeding the ducks, we went home where Gramzee treated us all to snow cones. The kids thought it was pretty awesome. Actually, I'm pretty sure we all thought it was awesome!


One nite while we were there, we had a camp fire and roasted marshmallows. My mom had bought these gigantic marshmallows that are about the equivalent of five regular marshmallows, so we were all done after just one!

Dad and Nic

Mom and Alli

Dani and me

This is how Reece fell asleep every nite while we were there. We had pulled a twin mattress into the room, just on the floor, and for whatever reason, this is what was comfortable to her!

The boys made it into town for the weekend, and on Saturday nite my parents rented out a local candy store for all of us. They had us set up in back with popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade, and goody bags for the kids. As if that weren't enough, we also all got to have whatever ice cream we wanted, and each kids (that was old enough to eat candy) got $8 to spend on candy. That's quite a bit! It was really fun, and the kids were in heaven!

It was a super fun week, we were thoroughly spoiled, and I am missing home like crazy already.

Up next: Sunriver!

Andi, Carter, Calvin, and Reece waiting to hit the road for Sunriver!


Remi had her first plane ride! I flew up to Oregon at the beginning of July with the girls (and with my sister in law, Nikki, and her baby, Jay). We headed up to kick off our two week long vacation! We started off in Salem, where my brother and his wife live with their three boys.

It was Fourth of July weekend, so we all had our matching t-shirts from Old Navy! (Josh was probably really glad he didn't have to get in on that!)

We went hiking down to this amazing waterfall. It was a little slippery, so I was kind of nervous about falling with Remi in the carrier, but luckily we didn't have any accidents. I thought Reece would love walking around, but of course, she mostly wanted to be held. It was nice to have family around to help me with that! Although, thanks to little miss Reece, on the way back UP, I had Rem in the carrier and Reece on my hip - we'll chalk it up to an amazing workout.

Here's all the girls with the four newest babies in our fam.

Reece walking with Uncle Ben.

Reece and Andi

Me and the Remster

Reece and Gramzee

After our little hike, we headed back to Ben and Sharon's to BBQ. It was nice to just hang out, relax, and chat with everyone!

Remi and Jay - cousins born 11 days apart!

Reece's action shot with the pop-its - she LOVED them and actually did a really good job throwing them so they'd pop!

We were sadly misinformed about there being fireworks that nite, and ended up down by the river for the non-existent show. But there was a great playground for the kids to play on, and then we rode the carousel. Reece loves carousels, so she was in heaven!

All the gals in their matching shirts...

and all the guys.

The main reason we were all up in Salem that weekend is because it was my newest nephew's blessing day. Little Hudson was born at the beginning of June, and he is just precious!

Ben, Sharon, and Hudson

The Stewart fam that was able to be there.

With Mom and Dad

It was a super fun weekend, and I'm so glad that I got to be there for Hudson's blessing. Ben did a great job and I was so excited to finally meet Hudson!

More to come from our fabulous Oregon vacation....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.:Grandpa Stewart:.

My grandpa passed away towards the end of May and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. He lived up in Logan and was 96 years old! He lived a long, full life! While it was a sad occasion that brought us all together, it was nice to be able to re-connect with family.

Before the service there was a viewing. Once that was over, we had a family prayer.

The service was held at my grandparent's long time church. It was a really nice service (aside from noisy Reece!) My dad, aunt, and uncle all spoke, and each of us grandkids shared a special memory as well. We sang a musical number, and I was able to play piano for the opening and closing hymns.

Grandpa went out in style - riding in this classy Cadillac!

My grandpa received military honors, so it was neat to have that aspect to the graveside service. It really is amazing to think about the things he experienced.

We have Scottish heritage, so there was also a bagpipe player there. It really set the tone for the graveside service. It was just powerful and silencing. When it was over, the bagpipe player just kept playing as he walked out of the cemetary. It was so neat.

Here's the Stewart legacy!

And our original Stewart clan (plus Jay).

Aren't my parents so cute?

My dad with my aunt and uncle.

We were glad to be able to spend the time together and support my dad through his loss. Hopefully a happier occasion will bring all of us together in the near future!