Saturday, March 30, 2013

.:Reece–4.5 Years Old:.

Oh this girl.


She is growing up way too fast on me. The things that come out of her mouth sometimes sound so much older than I expect from her. I want time to slow down a little bit!


Reece is about as girly as they come. She loves pink, loves wearing skirts and dresses, loves wearing necklaces, and is obsessed with her long hair and lips. But even though she is girl, she still loves to get rough and tough (kinda) and wrestle with her cousin Jay. She might need a brother! In fact, she said to me the other nite in the tub, “Mom, we forgot to have a baby brother. We need to get a baby brother.” Um yeah. I’ll get right on that… six months or so. Reece loves to dress up, and has a wonderful imagination. She and Remi are always coming up with all sorts of situations for their stuffed animals and squinkies. I love listening to them play.


Reece is also quite the little performer. She loves to sing and dance, and is never one to shy away from a camera. She still poses like crazy, and loves to also be the one taking pictures. It’s great since I need a model for my blogging so often!


Reece continues to love school and learning. Her handwriting is still one of my favorite things. She loves drawing pictures and showing them to us. It is fun to hear her tell us about what she learned at school. Reece is also pretty social. She gets along well with all of her little friends at school, and loves to have play dates with them. Although sometimes she just really loves to be home with her sisters. It is so sweet to see how much they all love each other. I say it all the time, but I hope they are always close!


Even though Reece is so polite and well mannered, she definitely has plenty of sassyness in her. She talks back sometimes, and can sometimes be heard giving Remi the what for. She’s recently started becoming quite the tattler, so we are working on that. It’s still one of those things that I have to be better at modeling for her; how to stay calm, and how to talk nicely even when you are upset. We’re all working on it!


We just love this beautiful girl, and are so proud of her! She’s such a joy to everyone around her!

At 4.5 years old, Reece likes:

- dancing
- singing
- dressing up
- coloring
- drawing
- school
- learning
- books
- tubs
- movies
- T.V.
- tablet
- playing with Remi & Harper
- snacks
- treats
- her long hair
- Primary
- kitty
- ‘nite nite’ (blanket)
- princesses
- posing
- taking pictures

At 4.5 years old, Reece does not like:

- time out
- being told ‘no’
- not getting her way
- having to go to bed

Love our Reecey girl!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

.:Remi–3 Years Old:.

Sweet Rem-a-lem. How can you be three???


This fiesty little gal is growing up way too fast! Remi has started talking so much more. She is a lot easier to understand than she used to be, although she still has her excited moments of gibberish. She uses sentences all the time, and some of my favorite phrases of hers are, “Oh, man!” and “No, no way!”

photo (9)

Remi is definitely starting to test us. She’s gotten more fiesty, and more defiant as of late. We’ve started having to do time out more frequently, but hopefully that will slow down as she realizes that she can’t get away with being a naughty little beasty.

photo (5)

Rem continues to be able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. When the girl needs to sleep, she sleeps! She is sort of trying to phase out her naps right now, but she can’t quite make it the entire afternoon without some sort of little snooze. Even if I don’t put her down for a nap, she will likely fall asleep on the couch or floor wherever she is playing. It is quite the gift!

photo (8)

Remi adores her sisters. She and Reece are truly best friends, and they are usually so sweet with one another. I love listening to them play, and hearing what stories their imaginations are coming up with. It’s so fun to have Remi at an age where she can play back with Reece, instead of just playing along with Reece…if that makes sense. Remi loves to play with Harper, and I love seeing her take on more of a big sister role. She will get toys for Harper, and play alone with her when Reece is at school, or if Reece is doing something else. It’s pretty sweet.

photo (6)

Remi loves to dress up. She is always wearing a dress or dress up shoes, or frequently both! Remi also loves to hoard her little buddies: her stuffed animals. She is a big fan of Ariel and Rapunzel, and will usually carry around one or more of dolls of those characters. She has her ‘giraffey’ that she always has to have, too. Most nites she will go to bed in a dress, and with about 5-7 friends in her bed with her.

photo (7)

This sassy gal is pretty much daytime potty trained! I was so nervous for potty training (really struggled with it – on my end – with Reece) but it actually wasn’t too bad. I took a casual approach, and tried not to put too much pressure on Rem. She doesn’t do well with that. She actually had very few accidents, and rarely will even go in a pull up during nap anymore. I figure we’ll get super solid during the day before we start worrying about the nite. I’m glad it was mostly painless!

We just love Rem to pieces, and feel so blessed to have her in our family! She’s a joy to all of us!

photo (4)

At three years old, Remi likes:

- snacks
- coloring
- dress up
- princesses
- giraffey
- tubs
- books
- making messes!
- treats
- movies
- her sisters
- brushing her teeth
- blankets
- screaming
- singing
- nursery
- playing outside
- dancing

At three years old, Remi does not like:

- getting her head wet (still!)
- baked goods (crazy!)
- time out
- not being able to go to school with Reece

Love the Remster!