Tuesday, January 13, 2015

.:New Years 2014:.

For New Years, we had the Stewart family over for some food and fun. We decided to just do a bunch of yummy appetizers for dinner. It was a hit, and super tasty. 

After dinner, it was time for some chocolate fondue. We did this with the girls last year, and I think it is going to be our new tradition. As you can see, the kids (with the exception of Rem, who requested no chocolate) enjoyed the fondue!

After fondue, we settled the kids down with popcorn and a movie so that the adults could play games. We started a game of Mexican train (which has 12 rounds, and we still haven't finished!) The boys are clearly incapable of taking a normal picture.

The Stewarts didn't stay until midnight, but we still lost a few of our kids before they even went home. Evie was still awake, but did not want in on the pictures.

Rem is keeping some popcorn safe in her arm.

Still awake!

The best part of this picture is Harper's leftover chocolate 'stache.

I still can't believe it is 2015 already! Happy New Year!

Monday, January 12, 2015

.:Christmas 2014:.

We headed up to Oregon for Christmas this year. With the exception of a nasty stomach bug working its way through almost everyone (hello FP!) it was a wonderful week and a half spent with family. And while none of us wanted to be sick, or have our kids be sick, it was almost comical to see who ended up with it from day to day. 

We got in on a Thursday nite, and Dani's kids were still in school for one more day. So we grabbed Happy Meals that Friday, and took them to school so that Reece could eat lunch with Taytum. They both thought it was pretty great! Then Reece got another treat: Taytum's teacher invited her to stay for recess and their Polar Express party. She loved it, and I was glad she got to do that with Tay. Especially since she missed her own school Christmas party on the day we were driving up!

We spent our first few days hanging out, doing nails, putting on shows, and relaxing.

Sunday we went to church, all decked out in our Sunday best. I really really love these beautiful little people of mine!

These two cousins really are best buddies. They were holding up the skirts of their dresses to each other and saying, "Cheers!" Cutest thing ever.

We had fun making clay ornaments.

I'm pretty sure I have the coolest parents ever. They put on a Polar Express for the kiddos, complete with gold tickets, a conductor who punches the tickets, and hot chocolate. The Polar Express was the trailer hooked up to the Ranger and decorated with some Christmas lights.

After the ride, the kiddos came back for homemade doughnuts, hot chocolate, and watching the Polar Express. But of course, my parents couldn't be done there. There was also a Polar Express store! The kids were in heaven.

And as if that weren't enough, all of the kids also got to open one of their gifts from my parents. Lego heaven!

Then it was Christmas Eve! 

Jabren's first Christmas.

Grandpa love.

Adult Christmas Eve table.

We did a live nativity with all of the kids (minus Jabes). I read the story from the book we have used since I was growing up, and we inserted some songs for everyone to sing here and there. I was amazed at how reverent all of the kids were during this. It was so sweet, and it is like they knew it was supposed to be quiet and spiritual; they literally all just stood still and listened and sang. Sweetest thing ever! 

Gramzee and Grandpa Paul gave each of the kids a Christmas box, complete with Christmas jammies, books, stickers, and candy! What a cute bunch!

After our cousin gift exchange, it was time to write a letter to Santa and get to bed so Santa could do his work. 

Santa had a big job to do, but it looks like he got it all done!

It was a frenzy of opening and playing, but the kids all had a blast getting their new things!

All the excitement wore Jabes right out.

We ended our trip with some fun face painting with Dani. The kids loved it!

It was a great trip, and we had so much fun spending time with family and celebrating Christmas!