Monday, May 13, 2013

.:Harper–18 Months:.

Harper Mc Harps a lot.

Could this girl get any cuter? Or funnier? Or sassier?


Harper is becoming quite the independent gal. She is not afraid to let you know when she does not appreciate whatever decision you might have made for her. She loves to be down, walking and running, wherever we are. She doesn’t quite understand that if she would hold my hand, she would have a lot more of that freedom. She dislikes even being carried to be put into the car; she must walk to the car and climb in herself. Any form of restriction is unacceptable: car seat, stroller, shopping cart; she would like none of it, but unfortunately she gets quite a bit of it!


Harper loves to be outside. She loves running in the grass, playing with (and eating) chalk, running down the sidewalk – pretty much anything outside is good in her book. I always have to brace for a fight if I answer the front door and then we don’t end up going outside afterwards. Tantrum city! And speaking of tantrums, those are quite fun these days. They’ve gotten a little better lately, but I’ve been impressed with the magnitude of sound that can escape her tiny little body when she is unhappy. And totally amazed at how quickly she can be happy again; it’s like someone flipped a switch!


Harper loves her sisters so much. And they love her right back! These three are just peas in a pod. I love watching them all play together. I hope I can help them always love each other so much and want to spend time with each other. They are just little buddies, and it warms the cockles.


Little Harpie has turned into quite the affectionate little lady. She loves to give hugs and kisses, but especially hugs lately. There’s not much better than her wrapping her little arms around your neck, and “mmmmm”ing to herself as if she can’t get enough of the hug. I know it won’t last forever, so I’m trying to soak it up as much as I can while she still likes to do it!

photo (5)

Harper is starting to talk more and imitate more. I think that she probably says more than we realize. Some of my favorite words that she says are ‘shhhhh’, shoes, and cookie. A lot of words – dad, dog, duck – all sound the same. Harper will even tell us when she needs her diaper changed. She’ll point to her diaper and say, “Dipe.” I just love her little voice.

photo_6 (3)

photo_1 (5)

Harper is just a happy, shining, ball of light, and you can’t help but smile when she flashes her dimple at you! We love this girl to pieces!

photo_4 (4)

At 18 months, Harper likes:

- laughing
- hugging
- kisses
- treats
- juice
- lambie (her lamb stuffed animal)
- pushing things around (stroller, chairs)
- climbing
- coloring
- reading books
- playing with Reece and Remi
- running
- chasing
- playing on tablets
- snacks
- baths
- being outside
- sidewalk chalk
- dancing
- peek-a-boo
- playing with her hair
- playing in the dvd's
- showing where her button is
- getting her bib out for dinner

photo_3 (4)

At 18 months, Harper does not like:

- being in the stroller or shopping cart
- getting in her car seat
- having anything taken away from her
- diaper changes
- not getting her way (the nerve!)
- being made to hold hands (sometimes)
- being carried (in the parking lot, through the halls at church)
- drinking milk at any other time of day besides when I'm changing her diaper first thing in the morning

Sure love this beautiful girl!

photo_8 (3)

photo_5 (4)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

.:Weigh In:.

I was reminded of this post of Dani’s, where she was laughing at the size difference in her two girls who are 1 1/2 years apart in age.


Here are the recent stats on Remi and Harper, who are 19 months apart.



Height: 38.78 inches (86%)

Weight: 33.51 lbs (76%)





Height: 32 inches (63%)

Weight: 20.99 lbs (8%)




Their heights aren’t that big of a difference – percentile wise – but they definitely have quite the weight difference!