Thursday, June 23, 2011

.:Warm Weather Fun:.

It's taken us awhile to get our weather to summer weather, but we were lucky to squeeze out a couple of warm days back in April and May.

We took advantage of those rare days by going to the zoo! We have a pass, and decided to go with my friends, Sarah and Stacy, and their kiddos one day.

The kids had a great time seeing the animals,

and of course, riding the merry go round.

One day we headed out to Gardner Village. This was mostly so that Sarah and I could go to the fabric and bead stores, but luckily, the kids were content to be dragged around since they got to feed the ducks at the end of it.

This week we went down to Thanksgiving Point to go to Farm Country with Britney and her boys. Reece and Luke had a great time feeding the cows.

There were lots of other animals, and a little 'jail' for the kids to play in.

Reece also rode a pony for the first time, and threw a FIT when I took her off. Good to know she's not afraid!

Poor little Rem gets stuck in the stroller a lot. She's close to walking, so hopefully she'll be easier to get out more soon!

We've also made it to the pool once already, but no pictures to show for it! Remi likes to relax in the floatie, and Reece loves kicking her legs while Josh floats her around the pool. I'm sure we'll be enjoying lots more trips to the pool now that the weather is better!

We also go to the dollar movies every week. It's a bunch of moms, kids, and daycamp kids, so no one cares if it's a little noisy and wild in there. So far, the girls have been amazing at the movies. It's a fun and cheap way to get out of the house!

Other than that, I just spend my days at home looking at these two beautiful faces.

Pretty much the best job in the world, if you ask me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

.:Look Mom!:.

Right after I heard those words the other day, this is what I turned around to see.

It's clean. And it was hanging up to dry. Looks like the perfect accessory, right?

Friday, June 3, 2011

.:14 Weeks:.

Today I'm 14 weeks - second trimester baby!

In some ways this pregnancy is going by quickly, but in other ways, it feels like it's dragging. I don't know how to explain it, so I guess I'll just leave it at that.

I had an appointment today and was able to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler for the first time. (We've heard it via ultrasound a couple of other times.) It is always such a relief to hear that! Especially since it is still early on and I'm not feeling movement yet.

I keep waiting to feel movement, and I guess maybe I probably could if life would ever slow down enough for me to sit quietly and wait for it. But chasing kids (ours and a friend's baby) around all day long (I had five, two and under, one day this week!) and working on orders for my shop, along with church callings, has kept me quite busy lately. Hoping the summer will start to slow down a little bit. We've got a couple of trips coming up, which I'm really looking forward to.

If you haven't heard the news yet, we upgraded our Pathfinder to a minivan! We were sad to see the Pathfinder go; it's been a great car. But I am LOVING having a van! It is a bit older than we'd like, and the color is not our favorite, BUT it is in great condition and we still have no car payment! That will be really nice while Josh is finishing up school this year. It really was the hand of the Lord in that falling into place so perfectly for us.

We get to find out the gender on July 13th, so be sure to make your vote in our poll! We'll be thrilled with either of course, but it would be pretty fun to do something different this time around with a boy.

I'm feeling better these days. The nausea is gone and has been replaced with cravings for junk food and wanting to eat (and sometimes doing it!) like a bottomless pit. Amazingly, I only gained less than a pound since my last appointment, for a total of less than two pounds so far. I'm going to chalk that up to still exercising five days a week, as well as the food poisoning we got a couple weeks ago. Time to start using a bit more self control with my cravings, or else this baby might come out a mix of graham crackers with frosting and a Slurpee.

Here's a picture of me at 14 weeks with Remi vs 14 weeks with this baby. Maybe looking close to the same?

Preggo with Remi

Preggo with Baby #3

So happy to know that things are going well in there! Can't wait to know if we've got a little he or she!