Thursday, December 30, 2010

.:Remi - Nine Months:.

Nine months? Are you kidding me? Remi is three months away from turning one! Where has time gone?!?

Our little Rem is just turning into little miss personality! She has been so cheesey and silly lately, and it's been so fun to see that side of her come out! She's always been a pretty happy baby, but the silliness is a new thing and I'm loving it!

We've been having a few little struggles with the little Rem lately. She started trying to wake up for the day around 6:00 a.m. Not okay. I've been wondering if my milk is starting to drop a bit, and she's just more hungry earlier in the day. Seems like it'd be an easy fix, but girlfriend STILL refuses to take a bottle! We're going to have to keep working on that one! Since being on vacation the past two weeks, she's also started having multiple nites where she wakes up to eat during the nite. Soooo not normal!

We do have Remi enjoying her baby food now, though! She still averages about half a jar at each feeding, or two halves if she's having a fruit and a veggie, but she eats it willingly and I think that she's starting to like it! She also really loves her puffs, yogurt melts, and mum mums. We've started giving her quite a bit of real food, though, now. It's so fun to get to that point! I've loved watching her try new foods.

Remi has five teeth now! She's got three along the bottom, and her two front teeth came in right before Christmas! We all thought it was kind of funny that she got her two front teeth for Christmas. :) As I've said before, Remi really doesn't do well with teething. Along with her two front teeth, she's got at least three more teeth along the top that are white and looking ready to pop through any day. Before those two front teeth came in, we had quite a rough week with a very needy, clingy baby who only wanted her mommy. If it's this bad with these teeth, I can only imagine how horrible her molars will be! But, she looks so cute with her two front teeth dropping down. It really changes the way she looks! Cute girl!

I really think Remi is going to crawl soon! She definitely wants to move, and she is trying really hard to figure out her body and how to use it to get where she wants. I can't believe she is going to be mobile soon! She and Reece are going to have a blast together!

The snuggling has stuck around! She loves to lay her head on my shoulder when I sing to her before bed. She also has started doing it when I'm holding her and she is feeling shy when someone talks to her. It is sweet and cute, and I don't ever want it to end!

Remi still uses her pointer finger as her primary 'feeler' when she is feeling and touching things. It is really dainty and cute when she does it.

Remi and Reece continue to just love each other and have so much fun playing together. I love to hear them laugh and think it's going to be so neat to watch their relationship grow as they get older and understand each other more.

At nine months Remi likes:

- smiling
- laughing
- squealing
- watching Reece/other kids
- baths and splashing
- baby food!
- 'real' food: cheese, bread, crackers
- snuggling
- toys: laptop, seahorse, balls, plastic animals
- having air blown in her face
- playing with paper
- getting kissed on her tummy and neck
- nursing
- sitting
- being silly
- feeling things
- being held
- being sung to
- attention

At nine months Remi doesn't like:

- teething!
- bottles
- binky
- being left alone for too long

She's just the sweetest baby girl, and I'd sure appreciate it if someone would make time slow down a little bit so we can enjoy our little baby awhile longer!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

.:Thanksgiving 2010:.

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Josh's mom out in Grantsville. We headed out there early in the day with one excited toddler and one crabby, teething baby. Reece loves going out there because there are lots of toys and, more importantly, lots of undivided attention! Remi was working on a tooth that day, so she was not so happy for most of the time. Somehow, she ended up turning happy in the evening - thank goodness!

We had a grammar quiz, courtesy of Josh's brother, and I'm proud to say that I won! (Should I be proud since I missed EIGHT???) There was also some Thanksgiving trivia thrown in as well. The day was spent eating (I didn't have a single bite of turkey - we had ham, too, and we all know how I feel about ham!), playing games, and just enjoying each other's company.

This is the only picture I got while we were out there: Reece and cousin Millie at their new table. Perfect size for them!

And a few pictures of our turkeys before we headed out there!

We definitely have a lot to be grateful for this year, as in years past. I get frustrated sometimes with the day to day things, and I just have to stop myself and realize how fortunate we are to live in this country, have the gospel in our lives, and have our families and each other. There's even smaller things to be grateful for. Like sewing and Diet Coke. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

.:Reecey Girl:.

With little Rem getting her own post each month, I figured it was time to do a little post on this spitfire. Our Reecey girl is just so full of life and personality!

Reece is really into dress up right now. She loves to put on her 'pretty dress' and then adorn herself with necklaces, glasses, bracelets, purses, headbands, and shoes galore! It is so cute to watch her doing it and then strut around the house in her duds.

Christmas has been fun with Reece this year. She is obsessed with Rudolph and Frosty. She points them out wherever she sees any reindeer or snowman! We bought a set of the old classics, and they have been well used this holiday season. She calls Frosty - Froty (no 's') and Rudolph - Rufolph. It is so cute. We also have a nativity out that is just a Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus all together in one piece. She likes to go over to it and say, "Baby Jesus" and then tell us to "Shhh" because He is sleeping. She also gives the nativity hugs. Sweet!

She is also very into singing and dancing. We sing songs all the time, and she is getting so good at saying the right words and the right time. She likes to 'raise the roof' and disco. I wish I could tap into some of her energy - she's always on the go!

Reece is also such a sweetheart. Whenever she gives us a hug, she always says, "Ohhh..." while giving the hug. And any hug must be completed with a kiss. She's so giving with her love. She is always coming up to Josh, Remi, or me and giving us hugs, kisses, and saying, "I love you Mama" (or whoever she's hugging!) It is totally unprompted, and it continues to melt my heart everytime. Someone told me it was the best when kids said it to you without you saying it first, and it really is. I never get tired of hearing it!

Reece likes to share with Remi most of the time, and often she will get out toys for Remi without us saying anything or asking her to.

Reece also likes to say "all done" after just about everything. "All done nap" after a nap. "All done song" after a song. "All done hunger" after a meal. Whenever she says it, it is always accompanied by a single clap on the last word. I love it! She also likes to say, "Whatcha doin'?" and "Whatcha got?" Some other cute things she says are, "That's nummy good!", "Remi (Memi)'s silly!", and all of us are "my daddy", "my mama", "my sister". She's possessive! :)

Don't let her sweet moments fool you, though. Reece has quite the little sassy face to her. She doesn't quite know how to talk back yet, but she has become quite adept at telling me 'no', 'don't', and 'stop it.' I wonder where she learned those from...oh yeah, probably from me! Oops, better be more careful with what I say to her. I am learning that when she is being sassy, it helps none to get frustrated or upset with her - that just makes it worse. I have to be patient and calm, and she responds much better to that. Easier said than done sometimes, though!

Luckily those sassy moments are not as often as the sweet moments, and we just can't get enough of this spunky little gal!