Saturday, August 16, 2014

.:31 Weeks:.

Down to a single digit week countdown! That feels good. My mood was doing better, but it's taken a nosedive again this week. I think it's a combination of me needing to not be pregnant anymore, and my kids needing to start school and have a schedule again. We're all at each other's throats. I can't believe that we are halfway through August now. Two months or less until this baby comes! I can't wait! He continues to be so incredibly active. It literally keeps me awake at nite. I don't think there is any position that I can sleep in that he doesn't protest - and protest in such a way that I don't get to sleep! Maybe when he starts running out of room a bit more he won't have the freedom to do that? I do like the reassurances that he is in there bumping around. It's been really nice to never feel worried about his movement like some days were with the girls. I've had a slight return of nausea, which is totally new to me. It isn't like I'm super sick, I'm just not all that hungry and nothing really sounds good most of the time. It's weird! But maybe I'll slow down a little on the weight gain! This past week I noticed a huge decrease in what I am able to handle, exercise wise. I moved down on my weights, and really tried to scale my zumba back. I noticed it helped with me not having tons of contractions and Braxton Hicks after a day of heavy cardio, which was nice. We go on vacation in a few days, so I'm sure after that I am really going to have to scale it down! But I'm happy that I've been able to exercise so consistently this entire pregnancy, and anticipate that I'll be able to do it right up until the end at whatever level I'm at. 

31 weeks

Sunday, August 10, 2014

.:Losing Teeth:.

The tooth fairy has been very busy around here. I noticed that Reece had a couple of loose bottom teeth a few months ago, and not soon after that I realized that she also had four loose teeth on top. It scared me a bit at first; I was worried that maybe something was wrong with her gums! But after we visited the dentist in July, he assured me that it was totally normal and mainly happening because she had so many teeth trying to push their way in! You could see the teeth coming in on the top and bottom on her x-rays, and he said her six year molars were trying to come in as well.

Reece lost her first tooth on Father’s Day when she bit into a doughnut. She actually ended up swallowing it! Oops!

Lost tooth #1



The next four teeth all ended up coming out within two weeks of each other in July. It was crazy, and the tooth fairy almost forgot to come a couple of times!

Lost tooth #2

photo 4

Lost teeth #3 & #4 came out at the same time!

photo 2

photo 3

Lost tooth #5

photo 1

One of her permanent big front teeth on top is about halfway in, and occupying the space of the lost front tooth, as well as one of the side lost teeth. It’s a big one! Her two bottom permanent teeth are about halfway up now as well, too. She’s been a toothless little girl, but the new teeth are right there and ready to fill in! She's still got one more tooth that is currently loose, but maybe we'll get a little break after that. The tooth fairy is going to be broke!

.:Oregon Trip:.

Back in June, the girls and I decided to head up to Klamath for a week to spend time with our family up there. We were lucky, and got to fly instead of drive! I think most people in the airport thought I was crazy when they saw a pregnant woman traveling alone with three young kids, but in all honesty, these three girls couldn’t have been any more well behaved! They were so perfect on their flights, I even had people coming up to me afterwards to tell how impressed they were with how they behaved.


I think they were a little bit excited.



Gramzee picked us up at the airport in Portland, and then we stopped for a snack a drink before continuing on to Salem. We had a picnic at the park with Ben and Dani and their families, which meant lots of cousin fun!

The next morning, we went out raspberry picking. It was so much fun! We picked so many, and of course had to sample what we were picking along the way.




We went to another park to enjoy some lunch and playing before we had to go get ready for Grayson’s baptism. We felt so lucky that we got to be there to see Grayson be baptized. All of his cousins that were there sang I Am A Child of God during the baptism.


It was a really special day, and we loved being a part of it.


Then it was time to head home to Gramzee and Grandpa Paul’s for the rest of the week! The girls were in heaven with Chaska (dog), the chickens, horses, and seeing wildlife running around.


We spent as much time at the pool as we could. Reece got really confident with her life jacket on; I know she would do really well with some swim lessons or more access to a pool. She was jumping off the rocks with her cousins and loving every minute of it! Harper even got brave with the life jacket on and would float out a ways.






There was lots of fun to be had on the swings and four wheelers as well! Even Rem went for a few rides!



Harper and Bobo buddied up; those two sassy little blondes have very similar personalities and temperments!


Reece and Tay – the almost kindergartners!


Gramzee and Grandpa Paul also have a zipline. Reece and Harper LOVED it! It is such a fun thing for the kids to do up there.

It was Andi’s birthday while we were there, so we spent her birthday day eating pizza, decorating cupcakes, and going to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. That pretty much included all of our favorite things to do, and we had a great time!






We spent a lot of time just playing outside. There is so much to do at Gramzee and Grandpa Paul’s house; we were always having fun!






We had a S’MORES bar our last nite there; it was the perfect way to end our trip!







We had such a wonderful week, and went to bed exhausted, dirty, and happy every nite. We are so excited we get to go back soon! But we definitely were ready to see Daddy. We had a bit of a stressful drive to the airport (dang traffic!) but luckily we made it!


.:Grandpa Paul Comes to Town:.

We love having visitors, and were so excited back in May when Grandpa came to visit.


Target was a fun stop for all the kids; Grandpa treated them, spoiled kids!


We enjoyed lots of hanging out and playing.





It was just a lovely few days spent together, and we had a great time! Thanks for coming to see us Grandpa!