Wednesday, September 2, 2015

.:First Days of School:.

All three of the girls are in school this year, and they have all been SO excited to start. The day before Reece started, she and Remi both had to go in to their classrooms for interviews/assessments. They were both so excited to see their classrooms and meet their teachers. We are so happy with both of the teachers we have this year! 

Reece was the first to start. She has been dying to go to first grade. She loves school, and was so excited to start eating lunch at school. 

It was so fun for her to be back at school! And yes, I totally cried. I'm that mom!

Harper got to start next. We are doing a little joy school with some other kids in the neighborhood. I've done this with Reece and Rem and it is a great introduction to being in school and being around other kids. She knows a few of the kids already from her primary class. Harper was thrilled to start!

Then it was finally Remi's turn! She has been wanting to go to kindergarten since Reece was at school last year. She is really excited to have the same teacher that Reece had! She did not want to hold my hand while we were waiting for the teachers to come get them on the first day, and she practically skipped inside! Yes, I cried again! Ugly cried.

I just love these beautiful girls of ours and know they are going to have great school years!

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