Tuesday, September 8, 2015

.:Jabren - Eleven Months:.

Eleven months! How? I can't believe my baby is turning one next month! I can't seem to convince him to stop growing. Or to sit still, as you can see by the picture below. This was actually the best of the pictures I took. Heaven forbid Jabes lay on his back on the blanket for more than .5 seconds.

Jabes has turned into the craziest, busiest baby this month. He is everywhere and into everything. It is almost super cute but also super frustrating! I feel like I can't turn around for a second, and he is into something new. He has turned super silly! He loves to laugh, and shake his head and body, and just be a goof. His sisters definitely bring it out in him a ton! Jabes is just full of personality! While I am mourning the loss of my little baby, I am loving the little boy he is becoming. And let's face it, he will always be my baby.

The teeth keep coming in! Jabren now has three - maybe four on top (can't tell if it has broken through or not!) and three on the bottom. They are all growing in really well and he loves to bite his food. He thinks he's pretty cool, biting crackers and pretzels. It's pretty cute! He doesn't seem to be as fazed by the teeth coming in anymore. Let's hope that sticks!

Like I said last month, Jabes decided to wean himself from nursing. Pumping was not going so well, and I stopped before we went up to Sunriver. He did great with formula, and we've now moved on to whole milk. He has adapted great and loves drinking out of his sippy. Again, he thinks he is pretty cool. And he is!

Jabes has started standing unassisted a ton. He doesn't even realize he is doing it. Whenever he needs both of his hands, he lets go and is just fine. Even when he goes down to the ground, he squats and lowers himself down instead of just falling. He has great balance, but doesn't seem too interested in taking steps quite yet.

Jabes is adding to his tricks. He now likes to wave and especially loves to dance. Whenever he hears any music, he just starts shaking and moving. It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is becoming quite vocal as well! He is always squawking, talking, and making all sorts of sounds. Usually I love it, but lately he has started making this awful sound to indicate that he wants something. It is obnoxious!

Jabren is a great little eater. He will eat just about anything, and loves food. He really enjoys his meal time! Some of his favorite foods are anything is in a food pouch (he really loves eating out of those), bananas, vanilla wafers, pretzels, cheese, squash. But really, whatever it is, he always ends up looking like this.

We just really adore this adorable, happy, funny, handsome boy of ours! I'm not sure he could be more loved!

At eleven months, Jabren likes:

- dancing
- blowing raspberries
- feeding himself
- balls
- bananas
- crawling
- standing
- talking/shouting
- feeling fabrics
- baths
- treats
- silly sounds
- sippy cups
- drinking with a straw
- splashing
- cell phones and tablets
- playing with his sisters
- exploring
- clapping

At eleven months, Jabren does not like:

- wearing bibs
- being in strollers, carts, car seats for too long

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