Thursday, October 8, 2015

.:Jabren - 12 Months - 1 Year:.

I tried. I really tried to keep this baby from growing up, but it just didn't work! I think everytime I tried to hold on a little tighter, he grew a little faster. How is my last baby one!?!? 

This was how our blanket picture went. Blanket in a wad and standing baby. Shows just how Jabes is right now!

Jabes continues to be extremely busy. He will not hold still for anything or anyone! He has discovered cupboards, and is constantly under my feet in the kitchen. It makes me a bit crazy sometimes, but I love how curious he is. Jabes also really enjoys pulling all of the nail polish out of my bathroom cupboard. But it keeps him busy while I get ready, so it's fine by me! He really loves to push his walker all around the house. He is getting quick with that thing! I'm impressed with how well he manipulates it around corners and turns. 

Jabes still has four teeth on top, and three on bottom. He loves to bite his food. I don't really remember the girls liking to bite food as much as he does. I usually feel pretty safe giving him things because I know he is going to bite it instead of shoving the entire thing in his mouth. 

Jabren is getting so close to walking! He is always standing. He can get to standing in the middle of the floor unassisted, and rarely just drops to the ground. He will just lower himself down slowly; his balance is pretty great! He often sits and squats down to play with toys instead of sitting down. The other nite he took bout 15 steps (for Josh of course, I was at the grocery store!) I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking within the next couple of weeks. Once he does it a few more times and gets more confident, he'll start realizing that it can actually be faster than crawling!

Jabes still loves to dance! He also waves a lot more now too. He is starting to 'talk' more. I'm sure he knows exactly what he is saying! He has started occasionally saying 'ball' and 'yeah'. Sometimes 'dada'. He has the cutest little voice! I can't believe he will soon be saying more words and communicating more that way. 

Jabren eats and eats and eats. And eats some more! I bet he would snack all day long if I let him! He loves feeding himself. He is a bottomless pit!

Jabes' newest obsessions are vacuums and throwing things. He gets so excited everytime I pull out the small vacuum to get the floors after meals. He will crawl over and wait for me to let him have a turn with it. He likes to put his hands on it and feel the vibrations, but then also will use both of his hands to move it back and forth. Gotta start them young! While that may prove useful later on, his throwing of food and cups drives me insane. He loves to drop stuff off of wherever he is sitting: high chair, stroller, cart - doesn't matter, if he has something to drop, he will do it. He finds it extremely amusing. 

This little boy is just yummy and sweet and we can't get enough of him!

At twelve months, Jabren likes:

- baths/water
- feeling things (especially fabrics and water)
- food/eating
- sippy cups
- dancing
- balls
- cars
- bananas
- standing/squatting
- crawling
- silly sounds
- using a straw
- treats
- waving
- clapping
- his binky
- his muslin blankets (loves to cuddle and bury his face)
- playing with his sisters
- peek-a-boo
- splashing
- talking

At twelve months, Jabren does not like:

- his sisters in his face too much
- being left alone
- being confined for too long

Love this Jabey boy so much!

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