Tuesday, October 6, 2015

.:Reece - Seven Years Old:.

How in the world do we have a seven year old??? 

Reece is such a wonderful young lady! I don't even know where to begin! She is such an oldest child. She is such a great helper, I would seriously be lost without her. Reece is always doing extra jobs for me. She is so quick to lend a hand to her sisters and brother. 

Reece has lost a couple more teeth since last summer. She has quite the mouthful growing in! Her pediatrician actually said that we would probably be getting a recommendation to the orthodontist pretty soon! 

Reece is a total daredevil. She absolutely loved going to Lagoon over the summer. She will go on any ride that she is tall enough to go on. It is so fun! 

Reece is taking dance and tumbling this year, and she loves it! Her teacher last year really wanted her to try out for teams this year, but we weren't quite ready for the time or financial commitment of that! But I'm sure next year, if she wants to, we will be doing it. She has really been enjoying tumbling. It's been fun to see her learn and progress!

Reece is super responsible. She checks off her list of jobs each morning - in order, she gets her homework done quickly after school every day, she loves finding a place for each of her things. She is highly motivated to do well in anything that she does - school, home, dance - she wants to do well, and enjoys doing all of it. I am really proud of her work ethic! 

Reece is very social. She is great friends with some of our neighbors, and has made some really neat friends over the past two years in school. We were at Breakfast with Books the other morning, and it made my mommy heart so happy to hear so many people calling out to her. She is a great friend, and tries to be thoughtful and considerate of others. 

I am proud of this beautiful girl, and feel so blessed to call her mine!

At seven years old, Reece likes:

- dance
- tumbling
- friends
- math
- any and all sweets
- rice with teriyaki sauce
- tablet
- Netflix
- school
- reading
- books
- helping
- staying up late
- Legos
- being in charge
- playing with her sisters
- playing with Jabes
- playing with friends
- doing whatever the adults are doing
- being wherever the adults are
- collecting things
- displaying things
- roller coasters

At seven years old, Reece does not like:

- not being in charge
- getting in trouble
- feeling embarassed
- being frustrated
- being hot
- having dry skin

The day before Reece's birthday, I took her a Happy Meal to school. She thought it was pretty great! It was so fun to sit in the lunch room with her, and chat with she and her friends.

On Reece's birthday, we left for California super early in the morning! But we decided to open her presents before we left! She got some Shopkins, Beados, and her favorite - a Caboodle with makeup in it - from us. She also got some Target gift cards, a movie, some Legos, and some Disney figures from her grandparents and aunt. Even though we were in the car all day, I think she ended up having a pretty great birthday!

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