Saturday, October 10, 2015

.:Jabren's First Birthday:

Jabren's first birthday was just a normal day. We had the usual school driving, Josh working, and me teaching piano. But once Josh was home, we ate dinner as a family and then dug in to some cupcakes. Of course we sang to him first! He wasn't quite sure what to think about the singing, but he knew exactly what to do with the cupcake!

I think he enjoyed it!

After a birthday tub (which Jabes thoroughly enjoyed since tubs are one of his most favorite things!) it was time for presents. He needed some help getting the wrapping paper going, but he liked tearing it. He kept standing up and would swing the present around with the piece of wrapping paper. It was hilarious.

It was a great day, and we all enjoyed celebrating Jabey-man! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

.:Jabren - 12 Months - 1 Year:.

I tried. I really tried to keep this baby from growing up, but it just didn't work! I think everytime I tried to hold on a little tighter, he grew a little faster. How is my last baby one!?!? 

This was how our blanket picture went. Blanket in a wad and standing baby. Shows just how Jabes is right now!

Jabes continues to be extremely busy. He will not hold still for anything or anyone! He has discovered cupboards, and is constantly under my feet in the kitchen. It makes me a bit crazy sometimes, but I love how curious he is. Jabes also really enjoys pulling all of the nail polish out of my bathroom cupboard. But it keeps him busy while I get ready, so it's fine by me! He really loves to push his walker all around the house. He is getting quick with that thing! I'm impressed with how well he manipulates it around corners and turns. 

Jabes still has four teeth on top, and three on bottom. He loves to bite his food. I don't really remember the girls liking to bite food as much as he does. I usually feel pretty safe giving him things because I know he is going to bite it instead of shoving the entire thing in his mouth. 

Jabren is getting so close to walking! He is always standing. He can get to standing in the middle of the floor unassisted, and rarely just drops to the ground. He will just lower himself down slowly; his balance is pretty great! He often sits and squats down to play with toys instead of sitting down. The other nite he took bout 15 steps (for Josh of course, I was at the grocery store!) I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking within the next couple of weeks. Once he does it a few more times and gets more confident, he'll start realizing that it can actually be faster than crawling!

Jabes still loves to dance! He also waves a lot more now too. He is starting to 'talk' more. I'm sure he knows exactly what he is saying! He has started occasionally saying 'ball' and 'yeah'. Sometimes 'dada'. He has the cutest little voice! I can't believe he will soon be saying more words and communicating more that way. 

Jabren eats and eats and eats. And eats some more! I bet he would snack all day long if I let him! He loves feeding himself. He is a bottomless pit!

Jabes' newest obsessions are vacuums and throwing things. He gets so excited everytime I pull out the small vacuum to get the floors after meals. He will crawl over and wait for me to let him have a turn with it. He likes to put his hands on it and feel the vibrations, but then also will use both of his hands to move it back and forth. Gotta start them young! While that may prove useful later on, his throwing of food and cups drives me insane. He loves to drop stuff off of wherever he is sitting: high chair, stroller, cart - doesn't matter, if he has something to drop, he will do it. He finds it extremely amusing. 

This little boy is just yummy and sweet and we can't get enough of him!

At twelve months, Jabren likes:

- baths/water
- feeling things (especially fabrics and water)
- food/eating
- sippy cups
- dancing
- balls
- cars
- bananas
- standing/squatting
- crawling
- silly sounds
- using a straw
- treats
- waving
- clapping
- his binky
- his muslin blankets (loves to cuddle and bury his face)
- playing with his sisters
- peek-a-boo
- splashing
- talking

At twelve months, Jabren does not like:

- his sisters in his face too much
- being left alone
- being confined for too long

Love this Jabey boy so much!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

.:Reece - Seven Years Old:.

How in the world do we have a seven year old??? 

Reece is such a wonderful young lady! I don't even know where to begin! She is such an oldest child. She is such a great helper, I would seriously be lost without her. Reece is always doing extra jobs for me. She is so quick to lend a hand to her sisters and brother. 

Reece has lost a couple more teeth since last summer. She has quite the mouthful growing in! Her pediatrician actually said that we would probably be getting a recommendation to the orthodontist pretty soon! 

Reece is a total daredevil. She absolutely loved going to Lagoon over the summer. She will go on any ride that she is tall enough to go on. It is so fun! 

Reece is taking dance and tumbling this year, and she loves it! Her teacher last year really wanted her to try out for teams this year, but we weren't quite ready for the time or financial commitment of that! But I'm sure next year, if she wants to, we will be doing it. She has really been enjoying tumbling. It's been fun to see her learn and progress!

Reece is super responsible. She checks off her list of jobs each morning - in order, she gets her homework done quickly after school every day, she loves finding a place for each of her things. She is highly motivated to do well in anything that she does - school, home, dance - she wants to do well, and enjoys doing all of it. I am really proud of her work ethic! 

Reece is very social. She is great friends with some of our neighbors, and has made some really neat friends over the past two years in school. We were at Breakfast with Books the other morning, and it made my mommy heart so happy to hear so many people calling out to her. She is a great friend, and tries to be thoughtful and considerate of others. 

I am proud of this beautiful girl, and feel so blessed to call her mine!

At seven years old, Reece likes:

- dance
- tumbling
- friends
- math
- any and all sweets
- rice with teriyaki sauce
- tablet
- Netflix
- school
- reading
- books
- helping
- staying up late
- Legos
- being in charge
- playing with her sisters
- playing with Jabes
- playing with friends
- doing whatever the adults are doing
- being wherever the adults are
- collecting things
- displaying things
- roller coasters

At seven years old, Reece does not like:

- not being in charge
- getting in trouble
- feeling embarassed
- being frustrated
- being hot
- having dry skin

The day before Reece's birthday, I took her a Happy Meal to school. She thought it was pretty great! It was so fun to sit in the lunch room with her, and chat with she and her friends.

On Reece's birthday, we left for California super early in the morning! But we decided to open her presents before we left! She got some Shopkins, Beados, and her favorite - a Caboodle with makeup in it - from us. She also got some Target gift cards, a movie, some Legos, and some Disney figures from her grandparents and aunt. Even though we were in the car all day, I think she ended up having a pretty great birthday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

.:Jabren - Eleven Months:.

Eleven months! How? I can't believe my baby is turning one next month! I can't seem to convince him to stop growing. Or to sit still, as you can see by the picture below. This was actually the best of the pictures I took. Heaven forbid Jabes lay on his back on the blanket for more than .5 seconds.

Jabes has turned into the craziest, busiest baby this month. He is everywhere and into everything. It is almost super cute but also super frustrating! I feel like I can't turn around for a second, and he is into something new. He has turned super silly! He loves to laugh, and shake his head and body, and just be a goof. His sisters definitely bring it out in him a ton! Jabes is just full of personality! While I am mourning the loss of my little baby, I am loving the little boy he is becoming. And let's face it, he will always be my baby.

The teeth keep coming in! Jabren now has three - maybe four on top (can't tell if it has broken through or not!) and three on the bottom. They are all growing in really well and he loves to bite his food. He thinks he's pretty cool, biting crackers and pretzels. It's pretty cute! He doesn't seem to be as fazed by the teeth coming in anymore. Let's hope that sticks!

Like I said last month, Jabes decided to wean himself from nursing. Pumping was not going so well, and I stopped before we went up to Sunriver. He did great with formula, and we've now moved on to whole milk. He has adapted great and loves drinking out of his sippy. Again, he thinks he is pretty cool. And he is!

Jabes has started standing unassisted a ton. He doesn't even realize he is doing it. Whenever he needs both of his hands, he lets go and is just fine. Even when he goes down to the ground, he squats and lowers himself down instead of just falling. He has great balance, but doesn't seem too interested in taking steps quite yet.

Jabes is adding to his tricks. He now likes to wave and especially loves to dance. Whenever he hears any music, he just starts shaking and moving. It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is becoming quite vocal as well! He is always squawking, talking, and making all sorts of sounds. Usually I love it, but lately he has started making this awful sound to indicate that he wants something. It is obnoxious!

Jabren is a great little eater. He will eat just about anything, and loves food. He really enjoys his meal time! Some of his favorite foods are anything is in a food pouch (he really loves eating out of those), bananas, vanilla wafers, pretzels, cheese, squash. But really, whatever it is, he always ends up looking like this.

We just really adore this adorable, happy, funny, handsome boy of ours! I'm not sure he could be more loved!

At eleven months, Jabren likes:

- dancing
- blowing raspberries
- feeding himself
- balls
- bananas
- crawling
- standing
- talking/shouting
- feeling fabrics
- baths
- treats
- silly sounds
- sippy cups
- drinking with a straw
- splashing
- cell phones and tablets
- playing with his sisters
- exploring
- clapping

At eleven months, Jabren does not like:

- wearing bibs
- being in strollers, carts, car seats for too long

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

.:First Days of School:.

All three of the girls are in school this year, and they have all been SO excited to start. The day before Reece started, she and Remi both had to go in to their classrooms for interviews/assessments. They were both so excited to see their classrooms and meet their teachers. We are so happy with both of the teachers we have this year! 

Reece was the first to start. She has been dying to go to first grade. She loves school, and was so excited to start eating lunch at school. 

It was so fun for her to be back at school! And yes, I totally cried. I'm that mom!

Harper got to start next. We are doing a little joy school with some other kids in the neighborhood. I've done this with Reece and Rem and it is a great introduction to being in school and being around other kids. She knows a few of the kids already from her primary class. Harper was thrilled to start!

Then it was finally Remi's turn! She has been wanting to go to kindergarten since Reece was at school last year. She is really excited to have the same teacher that Reece had! She did not want to hold my hand while we were waiting for the teachers to come get them on the first day, and she practically skipped inside! Yes, I cried again! Ugly cried.

I just love these beautiful girls of ours and know they are going to have great school years!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

.:Sunriver 2015:.

We look forward to going to Sunriver every summer. My parents decided to invest in the house that we usually stay in, so it was kind of cool to be there this year, knowing it was my parent's house! They have done some updating to the house and it looks great!

We loaded up the car, bikes and all, and headed up!

This is how you keep babies happy in the car when they really don't love being in their car seat for too long!

We kicked off our first day with a bike ride to the lodge for cokes. The ladies enjoyed trying out some stunts while we were there.


We ran some errands..


And made our first Goody's run.

This year we tried out a new hike. It was fun to go somewhere new, and everyone loved it. Well, Jabes didn't love it right away, but then he was okay. 

All the grandies in their matching shirts! 


Love this family of mine!

This group of kids hiked down to the bottom of the falls. It was pretty steep, and they all did awesome. Remi especially was a star hiker! She was just hiking along like it was nothing! I think we need to get this girl into the mountains more often!

Everett was an absolute sweetheart to Jabes the entire week. It was so cute!

We took turns doing a longer bike ride without kids. It was quite the workout, but an awesome ride!

We spent an afternoon at SHARC, where Jabes was in water heaven.

Josh, Reece, and I had a great time riding the water slides, too!

Our SHARC afternoon was followed by a Hawaiian nite! It was super fun, the kids loved doing the limbo!

Every year my parents do a nite bike ride for kids who can ride without training wheels. Reece was so excited to have learned over the summer so that she could go!

Remi was sad to not be able to go, so hopefully that will be incentive to learn nextyear!

My parents take them on the small loop, and stop along the way to tell them some tales about wolves. Then it's off to Goody's for some ice cream!

The boys went for their shooting morning, and then to a movie, so we took the kiddos to see Inside Out. We actually got asked if we were a pre-school!

The next morning was time for favorite things for the ladies! This is one of my most favorite traditions of Sunriver! We ate a yummy breakfast at the lodge and exchanged gifts.

After that we headed out for pedicures! Also another favorite tradition. 

The kids enjoyed having an un-birthday party in the park!

We had a Mexican nite, complete with a pinata! The kids all though it was pretty great; they all walked away with a bag full of candy!

More twinning - dads and babies!

Riverbend has a separate apartment that our family was staying in this time around. We had a bat visitor! The kids all though it was pretty awesome, but pretty much it was way freaky! It kept flying all around, and I was guilty of lots of squealing and screaming. It was horrible!

We spent our last day with everyone there blowing bubbles,

riding bikes,

and going to Goody's one last time!

It was an excellent week, and we're so grateful for the efforts of everyone to make it so fun for all of us! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

.:Rem's First Lost Tooth:.

Remi has been waiting for this day ever since Reece started losing teeth! Her bottom tooth became loose awhile back. She didn't seem super interested in wiggling it herself. I think it makes her a little nervous! Or maybe it just grosses her out like it does for me. We were at my friend's birthday party, and she ended up hitting her mouth on a toy. That got it loose enough for me to pull it out! She was so excited and happy! Her other bottom tooth is very slightly loose, but no immediate ones on the horizon that we can tell. But the permanent tooth is already about halfway up for her lost tooth! Yeah Rem!